fair trade super woman!!

courtesy of treehugger.com

courtesy of treehugger.com

In June 2009, according to treehugger.com, Danish woman under 35 who lived in Copenhagen with a higher education and who worked in a public office were the most dedicated fair trade consumer.  Hence, the photo….

However, I like to consider myself a fair trade super woman! Well, minus the Danish part, the blond part, the under 35 part and I don’t live in Copenhagen… Oh hell, I would just like to consider myself a super woman!!  lol….

But seriously, I worked for a major coffee company for over a decade which is how I become interested in fair trade.  Mainly coffee…  Hence, as I pointed out in my first post here, I went to school for a master’s degree which brought me to Chiapas, Mexico.  That initial visit to coffee farms and fair trade co-operatives is noted in the blog below…  Enjoy..!!


2 thoughts on “fair trade super woman!!

  1. Yes!! I at least have the woman part going for me..!! haha.. Thank you for the compliments on my blog! I really appreciate it. Chiapas, Mexico was beautiful. I will have posts in the future with more pictures. Enjoy!!

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