watchu talkin’ bout willis..??

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Double meanings are present in all cultures. In France, they are called double entendre. In Mexico, they are referred to as doble sentido. Mexicans pride themselves on the serpentine doble sentido of their language. I guess one of the reasons is because their language is so colorful and they enjoy joking around with each other. But I have also heard locals tell me it’s because the Mayans were forced to learn Spanish during the Spanish conquest. Speaking any Mayan could have gotten them in trouble. Thus, they learned to add a second meaning to words so they could speak in code amongst themselves.

Regardless of the reason, doble sentido is all the rage in Mexico and usually at my expense..!! Doble sentido refers to a word or phrase that has two meanings. One is innocent and literal; while, the other is risqué, bawdy or ironic. It is similar to an innuendo. American examples include referring to marijuana as herb or grass. Or nuts as nuts, crazy and testicles..!! There are so many examples of doble sentido in the Mexican language. So I thought that today I would start with just the words that double as references to sexual anatomy…!! So here goes –

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Penis –
el pepino – cucumber
el chorizo – sausage
la pistola – pistol
la banana – banana

Testicles –
los huevos – eggs
las bolas – balls
los aguacates – avocados

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Breasts –
los limones – limes
los melones – melons
la pechuga – chicken breast

Vagina –
el queso – cheese because cheese goes with sausage
el chango – monkey because monkey goes with banana
el conejo – rabbit (still working on this one)
la concha – sea shell so actual sea shells are referred to as conchitas
la torta – sandwich (Mexican) or cake (Spanish) – yeah I got no answer for this one either

You will probably notice I spent more time on the lower female anatomy..cough cough. I think this is because even as an American, all the other double meanings made sense to me. But the female vagina vernacular completely confused me. I spent a good deal of time running around asking “But why queso???” Needless to say my confusion and constant doble sentido questioning just made my friends and novio crack up laughing. At least I was amusing in my quest for knowledge 🙂

By the way las conchas are also popular bread desserts shaped like sea shells. Please refer to these as conchitas also or the people behind the counter will enjoy a good chuckle on your behalf 🙂

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2 thoughts on “watchu talkin’ bout willis..??

    • I think possibly because food is an easy available reference for most things. Plus, it makes innocent comments about food become lewd ones about sex. However, with “the lower female anatomy”, it becomes a little more complicated. I am guessing because women are naturally a little more complicated..! So too is their anatomy. Haha… Even Georgia O’Keefe drew that part of women’s bodies as flowers. So go figure…

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