Tecate take 8

courtesy of tecate.com

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

The weekend is upon us again..!! It sure came fast.! I have to say I’m not sure I am ready for this one just yet. I am still getting over Memorial weekend. haha… But I will get over my trepidation quickly as I am going to the new Star Trek movie and another bbq. And as usual I am sure there will be tasty beverages in my weekend plans.

So I leave you with this Tecate commerical to ease you into your weekend plans. The commerical is called Un Hombre Sabe Que Lo Quiere which translates to a man who knows what he wants. There are no subtitles. In the commerical a man is out with a woman doing all the things she loves because of course he wants to be with her. She spends the whole commercial complimenting him on being artistic, sensitive, a dog lover, athletic and even a mambo dancer..!!

His friends look at him strangely..!! But of course he is doing it all for love…or because she’s really hot…!! jajaja… Not sure which one just yet. Enjoy your weekend..!! Salud..!!

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