Tecate take 12

courtesy of tecate.com

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Welcome to the weekend..!! I have had a great week celebrating my birthday..!! It’s been non-stop fun – it’s almost as if there was no week just one long weekend.! I saw friends and family. I ate, I drank, I talked, and I laughed ๐Ÿ™‚ And in the spirit of continuing that fun – I offer up a new Tecate commercial to send you off on your lovely fin de semana.!

It’s called Tecate Oso or Tecate Bear. In the commercial, the guy is at a store buying a teddy bear for his novia. He is also talking on the phone to a friend who is inviting him to come watch the soccer game. Then the friend tempts the guy by telling him that his beautiful cousins will be there. The guy’s guilty responses to his friend coincide with the size of the bear. At the end, the voice over tells us that Tecate men know that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness then permission.! jajaja ๐Ÿ™‚ So be it.! We’ve all been there.! Enjoy..!! y Salud..!!

mas banderas porfa pero no antonio

banderas - courtesy of my friend D.

banderas – courtesy of my friend D.

Banderas is the Spanish word for flags, colors, insignias or markers. It can designate a team’s offical colors and logo. Or it can be used to describe a flag such as the Mexican flag which is green, white and red. Of course, it is also the last name of the super sexy Antonio Banderas. But in this blog post, I am not talking about flags, colors or Antonio. Perdรณname.

Image by ยฉ Amy C. Etra/CORBIS OUTLINE

Antonio Banderas – Image by ยฉ Amy C. Etra/CORBIS OUTLINE

Following a recent trend in my blog, I am talking about a tasty beverage again..!! In my youth, I thought the only way to drink tequila was in a shot glass with salt and lime. I loved it..!! It was the one drink that did not make me sick or give me a hangover the next day. Some of my other friends were not so lucky ๐Ÿ˜ฆ When I moved to Mexico, I kept drinking tequila that way. Sometimes, I even graduated to sipping really good tequila. But the shot always remained the shot. Until one fateful day….

courtesy of shutterstock.com

Mexican flag – courtesy of shutterstock.com

I was out drinking with some of my co-workers celebrating a birthday and enjoying the sun-filled day. We were at a favorite haunt, Buddies, which served really good American food. Hey, sometimes we got homesick. We had gotten pretty friendly with the owner and the bartenders. That day, one of them suggested that we try a bandera. And we were all like “a what? a flag?” – we were just a little confused. But then they brought it out.! And my world was never the same again.!

courtesy of google.com

courtesy of villagevoice.com

A bandera consists of three shot glasses lined up in a row. They should be in the following order: Lime Juice, white Tequila, Tomato juice or sometimes sangrita. This gives you the colors of the Mexican flag (green, white, red); hence, the name bandera.! Gulp the shots quickly in the same order – Lime, Tequila and finally finish with the Tomato. Sometimes, people drink it in the reverse order because they would rather have the lime juice end their experience. But either way, it is amazing..!! You can’t even taste the tequila! But you still get all the benefits of drinking tequila – warm fuzzies, smiles and joy.! You will never go back to just drinking a shot of tequila. Your whole world will be better, brighter and more colorful.

courtesy of dorastable.com

courtesy of dorastable.com

Every friend I introduced the bandera to felt the same way..!! They were so grateful and appreciative to have this new wonderful drink concoction in their lives..!! So, the next time you are in Mexico, please forgo the typical tequila shooter. Ask for a bandera…hell ask for a round of banderas for all of your friends. I promise all of you will be singing and laughing in no time at all. Paradise will become even more wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ And you will ask yourself how you ever survived before trying your first bandera?! Salud..!!

shine on…


Sorry I was absent – I have been celebrating my birthday weekend..!! I’ve had a great time, but now back to blogging. During that time, the lovely Emma at http://addyourpieceofhistory.wordpress.com/ nominated me for the Shine On Award..!! Thank you Emma..!!


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

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Things About Myself:

1. I have great parking karma. Even if friends who have bad parking karma are in the car with me – I can negate it and find rockstar parking ๐Ÿ™‚

2. I love ladybugs. In Croatian they are called bubamaras and in Spanish, katarinas. They remind me of my mom.!

3. Twins run in my family. I have twin brothers, a twin aunt and uncle and twin cousins. I’m personally hoping for twins – 2 for the price of one.!

4. In my family of six, four of us were born on the 23rd of the month. Pretty cool…

5. I have many names/nicknames. My father alone has 12 nicknames for me. But my friends all have names/nicknames for me too ๐Ÿ™‚ Rose, Rosa, coffee girl, tornado, Ruza, rosita fresita, rosey posey…etc.

6. I am addicted to diet coke.! It’s pretty bad…I probably need help.

7. All my neices and nephews would tell you adamently that I am younger than them.! Even though chronologically, it is not true. I think they think I don’t act like all the other adults they know ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thanks again Emma..!!

Tecate take 11

courtesy of tecate.com

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

It’s Friday..!! It’s also the summer solstice today – the longest day of the year..!! Plus it’s the super full moon this weekend too..!! And it’s my birthday..!!! So many reasons to celebrate that I can’t wait to begin ๐Ÿ™‚ I have already begun the festivities this afternoon with French Martinis on Rush Street, people watching of course and enjoying the beautiful weather.!

courtesy of make-fabulous cakes.com

courtesy of make-fabulous-cakes.com

Therefore, I think it appropriate that this weekend, I leave you with the Tecate commercial Tecate Deseo or Tecate Wish. In the commercial, a woman brings her novio a birthday cake while singing to him. She asks him to blow out the candles, but first he must make a wish. Of course, he sees his wish before him and is speechless.! Personally, I would have wished for Brad Pitt ๐Ÿ™‚ Or to find myself lying on a beach in Playa with a lovely michelada in my hand..!! But no worries, other exciting activities await me ๐Ÿ™‚

So in that spirit, have a great weekend..!! I know I will.! Enjoy..!! y Salud..!!

chela, chelada, mmm…michelada

mexcian beers

mexcian beers courtesy of taringa.net

Una cerveza por favor” is usually the first thing most tourists request when they land in Mexico. Well, that is, right after they have ordered guacamole.! While Mexico is not the beer making capital of the world, there are still many good beer choices in a variety of flavors. You might want a lighter beer such as Corona or Sol. Or maybe you prefer a lager such as Dos Equis. Dos Equis also has an amber option. Then of course, there is Modelo, Pacifico and let’s not forget Tecate. Victoria is also a great beer with a slight bitter taste which until recently was only available in Mexico. In fact, even now, it’s only found in a select few American cities.

courtesy of gardenandgun.com

courtesy of gardenandgun.com

Of course, to go along with your beer choice, you must have some salt and lime..!! Now you really feel at home and relaxed on your Mexican beach. However, if you really want to feel like a local, next time you order a beer ask for a chela.! Chela is a popular slang term for beer in Mexico.! In fact, instead of ordering margaritas for the next round – order some cheladas or micheladas. They taste just as refreshing on the beach as the margaritas and they are harder to find outside of Mexico.

big chelada

big chelada

A chelada is a mixture of lime juice, ice, beer and salt on the rim of the glass. Usually when you order one, you receive a glass filled one-third with lime juice, ice and the salt. Your beer is on the side for you to fill at your leisure and taste. You can have any beer that you like for your chelada. There is no incorrect choice. When I first moved to Mexico, I usually had Sol or Corona. But I ended up preferring Dos Equis and Victoria at the end. Also notice that the word chelada is a play on two words – chela and helada. Therefore, it literally translates to cold beer..!!

michelada y chela

michelada y chela

A michelada is a little bit more complex. It also comes with a beer of your choice usually on the side. However, the inside concoction has many varieties. The usual suspects include lime juice, Tabasco or another type of hot sauce, Worcestshire sauce, soy sauce, powdered chilies, tomato juice or clamato juice and ice. Sometimes, you will get tamarindo wrapped around a stick in your michelada (see picture above). Yummy..!! Some micheladas come with shrimp similar to a shrimp cocktail but in liquid form so it’s like a meal and a drink all in one..!!


michelada courtesy of girlichef.com

The drink is a little spicy but oh so delicious..!! Of course, you can doctor it up to make it more or less spicy depending on your personal flavor profile. Notice once again, that michelada is a makeup of three words – mi, chela and helada. So michelada translates to my cold beer..!! How cool is that?! So the next time you find yourself in sunny Mexico and you go to order a cerveza, remember to think like a local.! Look up at your masero and proudly say with a smile, “Una michelada porfa.” I promise you will be saying, “mmm, me gusta“, in no time at all..!!

hot, hot, hot..!!


*above photos courtesy of sodahead.com

The word hot conjures up all types of images – the weather, a cup of coffee, a desert, stolen jewels, a fire, Brad Pitt even ๐Ÿ™‚ According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word hot has about nine different meanings and double that in everyday vernacular. A person can use the word hot in sentences as varied as – “It’s really hot in here” to “That phone is a hot seller” to “Those diamonds are hot”. And the crazy thing is that in each sentence, the word hot will mean something different..!! Now pretend you are going to Mexico and use the word hot in Spanish to cover all those meanings…It doesn’t work.

courtesy of 123rf.com

courtesy of 123rf.com

And of course, I learned that the hard way. Well, really I learned it in a fun way. People usually just poked good natured fun at me and laughed at the doble sentido (double meaning) of my comment. I am not going to cover all the different words for hot in Spanish just the top three. I begin with calor. Calor translates to heat or warmth. You use it when you are describing the weather or if you are physically warm. For example, “It’s hot today” translates to “Que calor hoy“. Or “I am hot” translates to “Tengo calor“.

courtesy of webdesignhot.com

courtesy of webdesignhot.com

Caliente also means hot but it refers to liquids, beverages or food. So when you go into your friendly neighborhood cafe, you can order your coffee caliente or helado (cold). Caliente also refers to hot showers (la ducha caliente). Therefore, you would never order a hot coffee as el cafe calor or have a hot shower as la ducha calor. There are no double meanings in those statements, they are just linguistically incorrect. However, if you use caliente to describe yourself as warm, you will definitely get a good natured ribbing from your friends ๐Ÿ™‚

courtesy of fanpop.com

courtesy of fanpop.com

The same rule applies to hot when you are referring to something spicy. You would not use calor or caliente to describe a hot dish which is spicy. You have to use the word picante. Therefore, the sentence “That habenero is hot.!” translates to “Ese habenero estรก picante.!” Or you can also say that a flavor is hot/spicy in general – sabor picante. Now picante does have a double meaning as racy or cutting edge. For example, you can refer to a movie or a song as peliculas picantes or canciones picantes.

courtesy of freethought1966.wix.com

courtesy of freethought1966.wix.com

Caliente also has a double meaning. As I mentioned above, you would never say “Tengo caliente” to say “I am hot” in terms of the weather or a fever. Of course, you can say it if you are referring to yourself as a sexy bombshell (or Brad Pitt)..!! And that was my biggest mistake in the very beginning. I was always saying caliente instead of calor when I was warm. My friends would always joke with me and ask me which one was I really (wink, wink). Eventually, I just started joking back that I was calor, caliente and picante..!! In other words, I was hot, hot, hot..!! That always made everyone bust out laughing ๐Ÿ™‚

Tecate take 10

courtesy of tecate.com

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

My father is a macho man. He was smoking tabacco by the time he was thirteen. In his early twenties, he walked three days to get to Italy so he could escape communist Yugoslavia. When I was little, I once saw him break a pool cue in half with his bare hands. You would think I would have grown up afraid of my dad, but quite the contrary happened. His strength made me feel protected and safe.

And in turn, he made me a strong woman. So since this weekend is Father’s Day weekend, I thought I would send a huge shout-out to all the fathers. Whether you are having a barbeque with your dad, or lunch or dinner – enjoy the weekend..!! The Tecate Machos commercial I have selected celebrates the macho man. But note at the end of the commerical, when the macho man’s friend asks him does your old lady know that you are out. The macho man replies “yes” and that answer makes him more of a macho man than all the previous incidences that occurred. jaja.. Enjoy..y Salud..!!