Tecate take 10

courtesy of tecate.com

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

My father is a macho man. He was smoking tabacco by the time he was thirteen. In his early twenties, he walked three days to get to Italy so he could escape communist Yugoslavia. When I was little, I once saw him break a pool cue in half with his bare hands. You would think I would have grown up afraid of my dad, but quite the contrary happened. His strength made me feel protected and safe.

And in turn, he made me a strong woman. So since this weekend is Father’s Day weekend, I thought I would send a huge shout-out to all the fathers. Whether you are having a barbeque with your dad, or lunch or dinner – enjoy the weekend..!! The Tecate Machos commercial I have selected celebrates the macho man. But note at the end of the commerical, when the macho man’s friend asks him does your old lady know that you are out. The macho man replies “yes” and that answer makes him more of a macho man than all the previous incidences that occurred. jaja.. Enjoy..y Salud..!!

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