mas banderas porfa pero no antonio

banderas - courtesy of my friend D.

banderas – courtesy of my friend D.

Banderas is the Spanish word for flags, colors, insignias or markers. It can designate a team’s offical colors and logo. Or it can be used to describe a flag such as the Mexican flag which is green, white and red. Of course, it is also the last name of the super sexy Antonio Banderas. But in this blog post, I am not talking about flags, colors or Antonio. Perdóname.

Image by © Amy C. Etra/CORBIS OUTLINE

Antonio Banderas – Image by © Amy C. Etra/CORBIS OUTLINE

Following a recent trend in my blog, I am talking about a tasty beverage again..!! In my youth, I thought the only way to drink tequila was in a shot glass with salt and lime. I loved it..!! It was the one drink that did not make me sick or give me a hangover the next day. Some of my other friends were not so lucky 😦 When I moved to Mexico, I kept drinking tequila that way. Sometimes, I even graduated to sipping really good tequila. But the shot always remained the shot. Until one fateful day….

courtesy of

Mexican flag – courtesy of

I was out drinking with some of my co-workers celebrating a birthday and enjoying the sun-filled day. We were at a favorite haunt, Buddies, which served really good American food. Hey, sometimes we got homesick. We had gotten pretty friendly with the owner and the bartenders. That day, one of them suggested that we try a bandera. And we were all like “a what? a flag?” – we were just a little confused. But then they brought it out.! And my world was never the same again.!

courtesy of

courtesy of

A bandera consists of three shot glasses lined up in a row. They should be in the following order: Lime Juice, white Tequila, Tomato juice or sometimes sangrita. This gives you the colors of the Mexican flag (green, white, red); hence, the name bandera.! Gulp the shots quickly in the same order – Lime, Tequila and finally finish with the Tomato. Sometimes, people drink it in the reverse order because they would rather have the lime juice end their experience. But either way, it is amazing..!! You can’t even taste the tequila! But you still get all the benefits of drinking tequila – warm fuzzies, smiles and joy.! You will never go back to just drinking a shot of tequila. Your whole world will be better, brighter and more colorful.

courtesy of

courtesy of

Every friend I introduced the bandera to felt the same way..!! They were so grateful and appreciative to have this new wonderful drink concoction in their lives..!! So, the next time you are in Mexico, please forgo the typical tequila shooter. Ask for a bandera…hell ask for a round of banderas for all of your friends. I promise all of you will be singing and laughing in no time at all. Paradise will become even more wonderful 🙂 And you will ask yourself how you ever survived before trying your first bandera?! Salud..!!

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