money – easy come easy go

I am currently on vacation. Well actually I am looking for a job and on vacation. Unfortunately, I have not had time to blog. So I thought I would revisit an earlier blog that encompasses working and vacationing.!! I promise I will have a new blog post up this week. Until then…Enjoy..!!


Mexico was beautiful. I loved living there. The people, the culture, the beach, the food and most of all the laid backness of it all. But making money there was difficult. I often times found myself looking at my paycheck wondering where all my money had gone and how was I going to stretch it to the next quincena (pay period). Plus, wages for jobs are nowhere near western standards. Luckily, the cost of living, such as housing, food and utilities is also low.

But somehow one could never seem to catch up. And most definitely, one could never save up enough to get ahead. Even those of us who were visa holders and could legally work had difficulties with money. The expats who worked illegally had it worse because they usually got paid less. Only if you had a roommate, spouse or significant other could you make it work…

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