el cuarto

courtesy of smerconish.com

courtesy of smerconish.com

Recently, my friends in the states have been asking me what I did for the 4th of July when I was living in Mexico. My answer is pretty simple – drink.! It is really difficult to celebrate the 4th of July in Mexico considering it is an American holiday. Obviously, there are no government sponsored festivities like back home where each city or suburb has their own fireworks related event. In fact, there are no fireworks. The Mexicans save that for their independence holiday – El Grito – in September.

However, Playa del Carmen is an international tourist spot. And there are many American expats who live in the area, so the local bars and restaurants will offer specials. When I lived there, Wicky’s had an American themed lunch complete with burgers and brats. While, Wah Wah’s Beach Bar and Zenzi had bbq’s. At the bbq’s, you could eat as much as you wanted as long as you brought a side dish that everyone else could eat. Also, Pinche Gringo’s had an American themed all you can eat and drink buffet going.

courtesy of smartertravel.com

courtesy of smartertravel.com

Last year, my American expat friends and I decided we would eat at home and then meet for drinks. We went to La Azotea which is a great rooftop bar and eatery in Playa del Carmen. It gives you a great view of Cozumel and the food and drinks are excellent. We had a great time drinking and talking about past July 4th celebrations. I’m from Chicago while the rest of my friends were from Philadelphia, Tennessee and South Carolina. We did bring one of our British friends along and spent a good part of the evening ribbing her that we had won the war and was she sad about it. She jokingly replied back, “Ah, we never wanted you guys anyway.!” jajaja..

It was a great time and one of my fondest memories. However, I have spent the last few 4ths of July out of the country and I have to say I am super excited to be celebrating it back in the states this year. And not just anywhere. This year, I am going to be watching fireworks and celebrating on the beach in southern California.!! So, I am still going to be near the ocean which is one of my favorite things, but this time it will be closer to home. To all of my American readers, Happy 4th of July..!! To everyone else, Salud..!!

courtesy of collarcitybrownstone.com

courtesy of collarcitybrownstone.com

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