Tecate take 13

courtesy of tecate.com

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

I am sitting in the Phoenix airport as I write this Friday’s blog. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed for 4 hours..!! However, I have more than utilized that time by catching up on blogs that I follow and writing this blog 🙂 I also enjoyed myself with some tasty grilled fish tacos and a lovely brew..!! I had an exciting time in Los Angeles and I am very excited to be going home.

I hope to do a lot of nothing this weekend. Maybe hang out with some good friends and enjoy some nice treats. If I had a sweetie, I might also want to re-create the pottery scene from Ghost – as I’m sure this lovely lady from our new Tecate commerical hoped to do. The new commericial is called Tecate Barro or Tecate Clay/Pottery. There is no need for further explanation, but let’s just say he is a typical Tecate male..!! jajaja… Have a great weekend.! Enjoy..!! y Salud..!!

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