que chido wey..!! another blog..!!

courtesy of taringa.net

courtesy of taringa.net

Chido is a Mexican expression meaning cool. While wey is Mexican slang for ‘dude’ if you like someone or ‘jackass’ as an insult if you don’t. The other party will be able to tell whether it’s an insult or not by your tone, usage and the specific qualities of your relationship 🙂

In this particular instance, my tone is excited, my usage is in good fun and my relationship with my fellow bloggers and readers is great..!! Therefore, que chido wey here translates to ‘how cool dude’..!! Now you might be pondering, ‘why is Rose in such a good mood?” Well, I will tell you.!

I received a request to write a weekly blog post for World Spa and Travel about Mexico..!! How cool is that?! Pretty chido, I’d say.! I will be writing fresh material for their Travel Network blog. So, if you get a chance and enjoy reading this blog please check out the post. I have included the link for you..!! Also, if you are interested in reading about other travel related matters, check out World Spa and Travel on their facebook page. I have included that link as well.!



I hope you love the World Spa and Travel blog posts as much as the ones here..!! And by the way, que chido somos..!!