I know what boys like…

courtesy of tumblr.com

courtesy of tumblr.com

When I was younger, I never liked it when boys or men called me cute names at work or in public. Endearments such as honey, sweetie and dear made me feel like a helpless female. So, you can imagine my surprise when I moved to Mexico and I actually began to enjoy the numerous sweet nothings uttered by the male species in my direction. At first, I was shocked and I’m sure it showed on my face. However, after some time, I recognized and accepted the lovely words as a way to show appreciation to women.!!

And by that point, I was hooked. I loved waking up in the morning and going off to work. Chivalry was not dead in Mexico.! Men opened doors for you, they walked on the outside of the sidewalk and they treated you, not like a china doll, but as a precious jewel. They adored women.! Men in taxis, on buses, on the street and at work all voiced their appreciation of you by calling you –

bebe – baby
corazón – heart
mami – baby, sexy
mamacita – litle mama, sexy
guapa – gorgeous
hermosa – beautiful
preciosa – gorgeous, beautiful
bonita – pretty
linda – cute
niña – girl
mujer – woman
vieja – old lady
amor – my love
alma – my soul
vida – my life, my love, my everything
muñeca – doll
reina – queen
chaparrita – shorty

courtesy of amanaimages.com

courtesy of amanaimages.com

I could go on…really the list is impressive.! But more importantly, it is used on women of all ages.! And it’s done respectfully, not in a construction site sorta way.! Of course, men who know you well, will also gave you cutesy nicknames. Some of my personal nicknames include Rosita bonita, Rosita fresita and Rosa hermosa.

Amazingly enough, I actually miss hearing all those complimentary names.! I miss being appreciated by men just for being a woman.! Plenty of men here in the States appreciate me for my intelligence, my work ethic, my generosity, among other attributes. But, very few appreciate my womanliness.! I never realized how much I had grown accustomed to being treasured and cherished in that manner until recently.

courtesy of washingtonpost.com

courtesy of washingtonpost.com

My friend and I, and another woman, were entering a Starbucks cafe the other day when a twenty something man was leaving. There we were, the three women, like sardines in the foyer all waiting for the young man to open the door for us to pass him by. But that’s not what he did.! He opened the door and then squeezed past the three of us on his way out. I think the look of unsuppressed disbelief was completely evident on my face.

I made my way to the register, still stunned. And then, adding a pinch more slight to this unchivalrous deed, the nice barista asked me, “What can I get for you today, ma’am?” Seriously, ma’am? Ugh…give me hermosa, guapa, bebe, or mamacita anyday.!!

7 thoughts on “I know what boys like…

  1. Reblogged this on howdoyousaytacoinspanish and commented:

    Happy Saturday everyone.!! As I mentioned earlier, this week has been a little too much.!! Plus today, I’m on my way to make the acquantaince of two new lovely persons in my life 🙂 Happy, happy, joy, joy..!! So please enjoy this re-post.! Have a great day.! See you for Dos Equis tomorrow.!

  2. Rose,
    I guess I’m old school. All those things you listed that men do in Mexico, as in open doors or give way on a sidewalk, I do here in my hometown or wherever I am. But I don’t call out names to women I don’t know or use nickname unless I know a lady really well. It is the way I was raised and I hope my son remembers the lessons. I did learn from my sister-in-law that she does not like to be called “ma’am”. She said most women take that expression as being an old lady (as opposed to being an old lady). Learned something new.

    • Hello Patrick,

      I have known a few gentlemen here in Chicago who do those old school things. All the men in Mexico who called me cutesy names, I knew either through work or friends. I agree I’m not into catcalling.!! lol…

      And I would completely agree with your sister-in-law, I too am not a fan of ma’am.! It makes me feel matronly and that I am most definitely not.!

      Thanks for stopping by.! Always a pleasure 🙂


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