Tecate take 21

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Wow.! What a week.! I have been so busy the whole week that I have been fantasizing about a massage daily.!! But it’s been a good busy with interviews, writing requests and seeing friends 🙂 I would rather be busy and have life moving along well, then be stuck in the doldrums with nothing to do. To me, action always represents forward momentum and I like forward momentum because it means exciting things are happening.!!

Speaking of exciting things, this weekend is Labor Day weekend in the States officialy marking the end of summer festivities. Therefore, most Americans are getting ready for long weekends away, barbecues and visiting family and friends. Croatians in Chicago, and in most of the Midwest plus some parts of Canada, are celebrating 50 years of Croatian soccer tournaments right here in Chicago.! I have relatives coming into town to watch the games, so it should be exciting.!

I am also envisaging other types of games being played among the men I know similar to our Tecate commercial for the week. I have dubbed the commercial Tecate Cuenta or Tecate Bill because whoever is willing to share with their friends and pay the bar tab is king.!! jajaja… To all those who can whip out their credit card faster than their friends – we honor you.!! Enjoy your weekend… Y Salud..!!

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