Tecate take 22

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

TGIF..!!! Gracias a Dios es viernes!! I am so thrilled to be at the end of this week. Last weekend was one huge non-stop rollercoaster ride.! I barely had time to breathe. And then the week brought all sorts of deadlines, meetings, to-do lists. But I have managed to survive and I am looking forward to relaxing. Speaking of relaxing….

When I lived in Mexico, my novio and I played games to relax after work. One of our games was to introduce each other to our own personal brand of music. We would each take a turn or a toca and play a favorite song or a popular song or a silly song to the other. Eventually, we branched out from songs. This is the manner in which he introduced Tecate commericals to me..!! Therefore, Tecate Fridays are a small way I stay connected with him from so far away. And by sharing them with you, I bring you into a small piece of our relationship that is warm, genuine and funny.! And made for public consumption 😉 I hope you enjoy the sentiment behind the Tecate commericials 🙂

This weeks Tecate commerical is called Tecate Anuario or Tecate Yearbook. A husband and wife are looking at pictures from their yearbook which just arrived. Every girl the wife asks does the husband remember, he firmly (and guiltily, I might add) says “no”. The announcer states that Tecate is for those men who don’t have any memory.! Too funny…. I would like to point out that if it was my novio, he would remember..!! So to all the men out their with and without their memories intact and the women who love them – enjoy your weekend.!! Y salud..


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