Tecate take 23

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Es viernes.!! It’s Friday.!! And I am so glad it is.!! There are some weeks you wish would never end. And there are other weeks you are happy to see finish. I have to say, this has been one of those weeks I am glad has come to a close. It wasn’t a bad week, just challenging.! Every time I turned a corner, I bumped into some new problem or issue I had to resolve. After all, there are only so many issues in a day, or week for that matter, that a girl can unravel.!

And of course admist all this drama, I wrote. Wrote my blog, wrote and submitted other posts, just wrote. I was afraid that this week’s submissions would not be worthy because I felt depleted and stressed. And yet, this week, I received some really great accolades from friends and fellow bloggers alike about my writing. And I learned that I do not crack under pressure. That even though everything around me was dissolving into chaos and requiring my attention, I could still write pieces of quality. What a relief.! And who knew?? I’m a writer plain and simple, come calm or chaos.

And this revelation mis amigos brings us to this week’s Tecate commerical. Once again, it has no title but it is dedicated to those who do not break or conform – por los que no se rajan. I thought it seemed fitting taken the week I had. Apparently, Tecate men do not conform nor play to the status quo.! And even though they know their beautiful bride will one day look like their mother-in-law, they grin and bear it.! jajaja.. And that’s exactly what I did this week – I grinned and beared it.! I think this qualifies me for a Tecate with some salt and lime 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.!! y Salud.!!

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