bueno, bonito y barato

courtesy of arellanomarketing.com

courtesy of arellanomarketing.com

I am sitting at the car mechanic’s as I write my blog today. Hyperventilating, I might add because once again I find myself shelling out a lot of money to fix my car.! Don’t get me wrong, I love my car.! But, it’s causing me some heartache right now because it’s costing me mucho dinero to fix it. Apparently, letting your car sit around for two years while you are in Mexico is not good for your vehicle. It’s similar to sitting for a long period of time and then getting up off your chair. Your knees are going to creak a little.

And in order to keep myself from jumping into the abyss, I started to write today’s post. Which got me thinking about a phrase one of my really close friends S. used to say at work. When I lived in Mexico, I lived on a strict budget. In fact, that has not changed much since my return to the states. And whenever I am tempted to purchase something, I think of S. and her lovely phrase. She would tell me when I went shopping that I had to look for items that were bueno, bonito y barato or good, pretty and a bargain.!

courtesy of orquestradefrautadegalicia.blogspot.com

courtesy of orquestradefrauta

I have always lived on a budget even when I made more money. But I also always purchased name brands and products even when I could have purchased cheaper generic items. I quickly grew out of this habit while living in Mexico. I would go to the store with my alloted purchasing amount and buy just what I needed. Also, if I was buying soup or pasta, I would look at the dollar amount and the weight of the item to see if I was getting my money’s worth. Something I had never done before.

I recall one day grocery shopping with my novio and I wanted to buy a large plastic container for cereal. He argued with me that it wasn’t necessary. While it was bueno y bonito, it wasn’t barato.! But I gently reminded him of the lovely jungle creatures who loved to eat his cereal also. And then the plastic cereal container became barato because we would have to buy more cereal if the animals were eating it too..!! jajaja….

courtesy of dinero-internet-plus.com

courtesy of dinero-internet-plus.com

I also remember shopping with S. one day at Wal-Mart. We stocked up on so many items and decided to do a once over while we were waiting in line. We started holding up makeup, tolietries and other items to each other to get a thumbs up or down. At one point I held up some mouth rinse and S. gave me a look like I could live without it. And then I held up my hair color, clearly thinking that this would be a thumbs down luxury item. As I looked at S., she was shaking her head furiously up and down and saying, “Oh, you need that”..!! I busted out laughing. It still makes me laugh just thinking about that moment.

And so as I sit here at the mechanics, I am trying to utilize the bueno, bonito y barato expression regarding my car repair. So for one, it is bueno. My car is in amazingly good shape and according to the mechanic will last me another 100,000 to 200,000 miles. Secondly, it is bonito. I have to admit, my car is a very pretty silver CR-V. What’s not to love..!! But is it barato.?? At the moment, the answer is no. It’s costing me a huge chunk of money. But if I don’t fix it, I think of the amount of money I will spend on taxis and buses. And the fact that I still have to pay car insurance even if it just sits in my driveway at home. So I guess the answer is in the long run, it will be barato.! I hope S. approves of my decision 🙂

6 thoughts on “bueno, bonito y barato

  1. Me encanta! Yo creo que si lo usas es mejor arreglarlo y ponerte a hacer millas! Yo acabo de vender el mío, que era pequeño y viejito, y no muy mono, porque llevaba dos años aparcado frente a la puerta de casa, pagando taxes y seguros,y es verdad que se estropean un poco…Si el coche tiene alma debe sentirse algo frustrado, no? 🙂 Pero es verdad que llevar el coche al garaje es como ir al médico: ¡siempre se le encuentra algo!

    • Claro que si..!! Siempre estás arreglando algo en su coche. Especialmente la mayor se pone y vencimiento de la garantía.!

      Pero tenía que arreglarlo. Me encanta mi coche. Y yo lo necesito para trabajar. Entonces…

      Es divertido, pero siempre me he sentido mis coches tienen un alma.! Supongo que me paso tanto tiempo con ella que nos hemos convertido en buenos amigos 🙂

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