Tecate take 25

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

This week has been interesting.! But I think more than any other week in a long time, I have anticipated this Friday.!! Yesterday was a beautiful culmination of so many important balls I am juggling right now. That this weekend is a relief and a celebration. There are many reasons dear readers, but I will explain next week.!! Suffice it to say, today I just want to wish everyone a happy friday.!! Feliz viernes.!

Todays’s Tecate commerical honors those men who do not understand women or por los hombres que no entienden a las mujeres. The video is in Spanish, but the tone is easily understandable. A husband and wife are sitting together at dinner. The wife is telling her husband a story and is looking for sympathy and understanding. Of course, his answer, “bien“, is not the response she wants.!!

I know this scenario all too well. My father, my brother and mi novio have usually shook their heads at me and not understand the complex issues I am feeling. Well until later that is.. Then I have recieved a “oh I get you now.” So I dedicate this to all the men in my life 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.!! y Salud.!!

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