playa del carmen calling…

my view while blogging

my view while blogging

It couldn’t have been more perfect if I had planned the trip like a script complete with extras.

The taxi was on time. I got to the airport early. There were no people in the check in or baggage lines.!?!? Seriously.? At O’Hare – world’s busiest airport.??? There was a security line but it went smoothly and all the TSA agents were laughing and joking around.! Ok, where are the tv cameras.??

The flight was fine. Nothing exciting – good or bad – happened. The plane just flew consistently and arrived on time. At this point, I thought I must be dreaming. And as the pilot signaled our approach, I knew I was dreaming when I looked out my window.

I peered out to catch my first glimpse of the Riviera Maya shoreline in seven months. And I was greeted by that beautiful radiant sky. And not just a beautiful blue sky, but it seemed that the clouds had all lined up in the sky in military formation as if to greet my return formally. There were literally hundreds of them out the window in row upon row – it was magical. deep sigh….

my favorite subject - the sky

my favorite subject – the sky

I found out later, that it had rained for more than three weeks non-stop. Streets were flooded. Everything was still damp and moist including the people. Upon my arrival and throughout my stay, there was not one rain drop in sight. Just gorgeous blue skies peppered with my faithful puffy clouds.!

Once I exited from the plane, I swiftly made my way to passport control because I know there is always a line that goes on for miles. As I stepped off the escalator, I was in shock. I would have rubbed my eyes but I was carrying too many items. There was no line.!! None.!! And there were passport control agents in every booth. I lugged my suitcase through the empty maze of ropes and walked straight up to an agent.

She smiled. We exchanged pleasantries in Spanish. She stamped my passport and wished me a lovely vacation. Ok now…what the blazes is going on here?? I stopped in the bathroom to collect myself while waiting for the rest of my luggage. I was seriously perplexed. No travel I have ever been a part of has gone this smoothly. I left the restroom and retrieved my suitcase.

Final stop, customs, this must be it. This must be where the line is.! But no, no 45 minute line here either. Maybe it was 10 minutes, but I really think I am exaggerating that by a lot.!! I exchanged some more pleasantries in Spanish with the customs agent. At this point, I was feeling very good about my Spanish, so I think I was grinning ear to ear. She also wished me a fun holiday and off I went.

view from inside starbucks

view from inside starbucks

I purchased my ticket for the bus to playa and it was leaving in 15 minutes. I didn’t have to wait. I didn’t have to rush. I glided effortlessly to the ADO stop to catch my bus into town.

It was as if the whole universe opened up to make my return trip effortless. Choirs of angels and unseen forces cleared every perceptible and imperceptible obstacle as I returned to a place that I have missed beyond words and has become my second home. The wind whispered in my ear, “¡Adelante Rosa! Bienvenidos!”

Words cannot do justice to the way I feel right now….May the blessings continue 🙂 I will blog more about my return to Mexico in future posts. In the meantime, I leave you with the following quote –

“Home, we know, is not just the place where you happen to be born. It’s the place where you become yourself.”
~Pico Iyer

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