Tecate take 26

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Happy Sunday..!! Feliz domingo.!!! Que paso, Rosa?? Yes, I am sure that is what you are all thinking.!! She has officially lost it. She is wishing us a happy Tecate day at the end of the weekend.!! Si, I am 🙂 This last week in Mexico was very intense.!! I am seriously behind on everything I need to submit and complete. But I had a great time in Mexico.!!

Also, tomorrow, I start my first official official job in the states that does not involve writing or consulting. So today, Sunday, marks one of my final free days for a long time to come.! It’s a beautiful day here in Chicago and I am about to have lunch and enjoy what’s left of my final lazy Sunday.! I end this weekend with a Tecate commerical called Derby Girls. It pretty much sums up how I felt the last week – crazy busy, running around in circles while avoiding people trying to knock me down and yet still able to finish and win the race. I hope you enjoy your lazy Sunday.!! See you next week.! Y salud a todos.!!


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