Tecate take 28


The weekend is here.!! The weekend is here..!! El fin de semana está aquí.!! Sorry I am a little excited.! I have a three day weekend after working for two whole weeks.!! You gotta love the states for that alone.!! Unfortunately, I spent most of Friday sleeping or running errands. But I did manage to squeeze in a lunch date with a dear friend of mine. So, the day was not a total wash.

Today, Saturday, I am having dinner with a childhood friend I haven’t seen in a long time. There will be much sangria and chatter 🙂 And I hope to re-connect with some other friends this weekend as well before the dreaded work week begins. Though, honestly, I am not dreading it one bit.! Also, this weekend includes a full moon and a lunar eclipse, two of my favorite astronomical events..! Plus, it’s Sweetest Day here in the states as someone very nicely reminded me this morning 🙂

To start off this amazing weekend, I bring you the fourth installment of the Tecate Parents series or Tecate Papas Cuarto. Once again, our parents are trying to convince their son to only drink Tecate light beer. They claim the only thing other light beers are good for is watering the plants.!! jajaja.. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.!! I hope there are no ‘bad’ light beers in your future.!! And don’t forget to look up at the night sky and enjoy the brilliance of the moon in all of her ethereal beauty.!! Salud..!!


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