tengo frio..!!!

cancun sunrise

cancun sunrise

Ok I have to admit, I was supposed to publish my que milagro dos post today.! But I can’t.! I am too cold.! Tengo mucho frio aqui en Chicago.!! When I first returned to Chicago in February of this year, I expected it to be cold for a couple of months. It was cold until June. Then I expected a warm hot summer. But once again, no luck there either. It was one of the coolest summers on record.! Really.?! I don’t think I even saw a beach 😦

And then autumn came. And I was cool with that change of scenery not having experienced it for a little over two years. A small jacket here, a scarf there, and some hot, I mean cool, boots while enjoying leaves changing color and sipping on hot chocolate. Because really when you think about it, there is never a good reason to drink hot chocolate in 90 degree weather near the beach. I’m not kidding, not even in air conditioning – it just seems so out of place. As do the boots…

playa del carmen beach

playa del carmen beach

But then this week happened. There was a frost advisory on Saturday evening. Frost..?! It’s not even Halloween yet.! Then today, it’s supposed to snow.!! What do you mean it’s supposed to snow..??!! Did I mention, it’s not Halloween yet.?? Frost, snow, cold….these are foreign words to me. No comprendo.!! Yo quiero el sol, la playa, el calor….. I was fine until this week. After all, I was born and raised in Chicago. I have character.!!

But apparently, all that cold character has been beaten out of me. My body is craving heat.! All these layers of clothes seem to be suffocating me.!! I yearn to rip them off and walk barefoot on the sand with the salty air and the wind whispering across my bare legs – hola querida.! I want the ocean breeze to lazily and sensously tousle my tresses across my face. Not have the biting, freezing Chicago wind whip my head around like in the Exorcist and tie my hair in knots around my face. Hmmmph….. I think the only good attribute about this cold weather is the ability to snuggle… And on that note blog world, stay warm y buenas noches.

4 thoughts on “tengo frio..!!!

  1. When MTM lived in Chicago, his truck got buried in a snowbank, and he couldn’t find it until the melt. Being from The South, I cannot even imagine such cold already. Stay warm, Rose. (And, we may be in Chicago in a couple of weeks. If you’re up for coffee or a drink, I will let you know for sure.)

    • Lol…That’s happened to me too.!!! Horrid, I say, just horrid. I think I had repressed all my memories of the cold and this week I am being rudely reminded. That’s fantastic that you might be in Chicago in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, the weather conditions will improve by then.!! I would most definitely be up for a coffee or a drink 🙂 Let me know.

  2. Ay Ay Ay!!! Pobre Rose!!! Te comprendo perfectamente…Bienvenida al barco! Suspira, respira profundamente, y prepárate para soportar el invierno ….Que luego llegará la primavera y florecerás como una rosa!!! 🙂

    • Claro que si.!! Soy probrecita.!!! Tengo la esperanza de que no será tan malo. O voy a aprender a manejar de nuevo. Pero estoy esperando a los primeros signos de la primavera para florecer de nuevo 🙂 Mil gracias.!!

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