tecate take 29

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Feliz el fin de semana..!! Happy weekend..!! I hope everyone had a fantastic week.!! Minus the cold weather, my week has been pretty good. I met a whole bunch of new co-workers this week and we were telling jokes almost instantaneously.!! I love when that happens.!! I also spent my day off hanging out with one of my very good friends and her 7 year old daughter.! That’s always a good time. Plus, our grapefruit martinis were delish.!! We both laughed so hard, we peed our pants.! Oops…too much information.!

Of course, I also went to the memorial service yesterday. Although, it was sad; it was also, a bittersweet occasion because I saw so many old friends I had not seen in years.! One of my friend’s aunts hadn’t changed at all in twenty years. Pretty amazing.! I think it’s always great to re-connect with old friends. They remind you of who you were, how far you have come, and really how so little has changed all at the same time. Plus a little plum wine here and a little moscato there makes the week go by so much easier.! Really, not a lush, somehow the glasses just ended up in my cute little hands 🙂

So as I catch you in the middle of your weekend, I bring you another Tecate installment.!! This one is called Tecate – por los que dicen que estan con sus amigos – estan con sus amigos or for those who say they are with their friends – are really with their friends.! hahaha… I guess I never understood women who were afraid to let their husbands/boyfriends go out where there were other women. I mean if you don’t have trust then what do you have..?? A whole lotta of nothing as far as I’m concerned. But in this commerical, our wife/girlfriend does feel jealous and insecure. And her novio finds an interesting way in which to make her feel relaxed about him drinking with his friends.!! Enjoy.!! See you next week.!! Y Salud.!!

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