Tecate take 31

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Feliz sábado..!!  Happy Saturday.!!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend whether they are laid out with a good book, hanging out with friends, or dancing the night away..!!!   I, myself, am going to try and squeeze in all three before the weekend is out.!  This week  has been a very overwhelming one for me.  But, it was definitely a good one 🙂

For starters, I wrote my 100th blog.!!  When I started in March of this year, I never thought that would have been possible.  And yet, here I am.  Secondly, I was nominated by a fellow blogger for the Liebster award.!  How awesome is that.?!  I am very much enjoying being part of this wonderful blogging world 🙂  And some time this week, I will send out messages to the bloggers I in turn nominated for the award.  Just spreading the love..!!  This week also brought me to the culmination of a project I have been working on – it’s nice to know that it will be over soon.

In order to kickstart this weekend into officialdom, I offer this week’s Tecate commericial.  It’s called Tecate – por los que se mandan solos or Tecate – for those who are sent out by themselves.!  It’s a very silly premise – welcome to Tecate.  In the commercial, a single guy comes home.  No parents, no wife, no kids and he’s wondering why he came home so early when his friends are still hanging out.  So his ‘mirror’ self has a debate with him and convinces him to go back out.!!  jajaja…  What can I say, sometimes it’s like that when you live alone.  You tend to talk to yourself.  A lot…  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.!!  Enjoy.!  Y Salud.!!!

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