Tecate take 32

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Feliz Domingo todos.!!! Happy Sunday to everyone.!!! I hope everyone’s week was phenomenal.! And their weekend was even better 🙂 I know I usually send out a Tecate shout out at the end of the week, but this week was too tumultuous. A Tecate commercial on Friday would not have been sufficient. I needed a major shutdown.! jajaja… But I think now that I have had a relaxing weekend, a Tecate to signal the end of the week and weekend is in order.

The Tecate commercial for this week is called Tecate Naufrago or Tecate Castaway. Basically, it’s the story of a man who disappeared for three years and has now finally returned home. Journalists are everywhere clamouring for his story. He claims that his friends and himself were castaways and survived that long by eating pelicans. And now they have returned home.! It’s the story of a lifetime and even makes front page news.!! Everyone believes the story except for the man’s lovely wife. I guess she has decided his excuse is as bad as ‘my dog ate the homework.’ jajaja… By the way, I love that she is gutting a fish with a knife while she is yelling at him 🙂

I have included Spanish text and English translations. I hope you enjoy the video and it makes the start of the workweek tomorrow more tolerable 😉 Until we see each other again, have a great week.!
Disfrútalo..!! Y Salud.!!

Periodistas: Que comían?
Hombre: Este…pelicano

Periodistas: No se vaya por favor, esepere unas preguntas hey hey!

Hombre: Hola mi amor

La Esposa: Ay miren, ya llego el héroe del momento, que tal el sol, eh? No se te nota mucho lo naufrago, y además los tres compadres, naufrago, como no, que casualidad, la ultima vez fueron tres años desgraciado, que comieron, pelicano? Si tu ni pollo comes Wilebardo.

Hombre habla por celular: “óye creo que ya nos cacharon”

Slogan: Por los que son de carrera larga, Tecate light por ti!

Journalists: What did they eat?
Man: This … pelican

Journalists: Do not go please wait a few questions hey hey!

Man: Hello my love

The Wife: Oh look, It’s the hero of the moment, how about the sun, eh? Not much you noticed while shipwrecked, and also with your three buddies, shipwrecked, of course, what a coincidence, the last three years were so miserable, you ate, pelican? If you eat chicken or Wilebardo.

The man speaks by phone: “I believe we have been caught (found out).”

Slogan: For those who are with a long stroke, Tecate light is for you!

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