Tecate take 33

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Happy weekend everyone..!! Feliz el fin de semana a todos..!! I am overjoyed to have reached the end of this week.! It was a long one which was moreover exacerbated by my head cold 😦 sniffle, sniffle… But I am feeling much better now that it is the weekend 😉 And I am definitely ready to mix and mingle with old friends and new.!!

Old friends are great.! They keep you grounded because they are always there to remind you that you are not as cool as you think you are.! jajaja… You have history with them, they know all your jokes, and your quirks. But meeting a new friend is just as exciting.! You get to share your life story with someone new and learn about their journey. Plus, there are new jokes, new places to hang out, and new experiences to share which all lead to an atmosphere of giddy anticipation.! And the best part is you can introduce them to your old friends.!! Hopefully, that magical ‘click’ will happen where you know you have a new recruit to the brat pack, or the rat pack, or whatever pack you call friend 🙂

In this week’s Tecate commerical, that same magic happens to our Tecate men. The commercial is called Tecate – otro amigo or Tecate – another friend. The palpable excitement of a new friend entering their lives is reinforced with every cry of “es hombre“.! But for us ladies, I’m sure we too can cry out “es mujer” every time we add a new gal pal to our inner circle. So let’s drink to old friends and new friends.! I hope everyone has a phenomenal weekend.!! Enjoy.!! Y Salud..!!

p.s. you must click on the video and then youtube to see the video, but it is well worth it 🙂

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