que milagro cuatro..!!

fundadores or founders

fundadores or founders

And so here we are….recollecting my last day in Playa. I woke up that next to last morning reflecting on all that I had seen and done. As well as, remembering the friends whose company I had enjoyed.! As usual, I stopped by my neighborhood Starbucks for coffee. I said goodbye to all the baristas who would not be there the next day when I departed for the airport. We wished each other well on our life’s journey and promised to continue communicating on facebook.! I have always loved this Starbucks. For many, many months, it was my safety zone if I was ever alone or sad. Moreover, it was the place I also met with friends for companionship and people watching.!!

starbucks on quinta

starbucks on quinta

After breakfast, I walked down Quinta to Calle 4. Then, I made my up to 15 Avenida to catch a bus to my former hotel. El Dorado Royale is located north of Playa del Carmen. It is almost right smack in the middle of Playa del Carmen and Cancun near Puerto Morelos. The bus dropped me off right in front of the hotel. It is about a 20 minute walk down the main road to the hotel. Since, I was feeling lazy, I caught a taxi on the other side of the highway to drive me into the hotel.!

El Dorado Royale lobby

El Dorado Royale lobby

At the main entrance, security stopped us and asked me for my room number.! I started laughing and said to Gabriel, “¿No te acuerdas de mí? Rosa el concierge?!” At which point, he exclaimed, “Ah si, recuerdo, recuerdo. ¡Adelante!” When I exited the taxi, I went straight to Gazebo 4. I was looking for one of my very good friends, J.!! And lo and behold, when I entered the gazebo – there he was.!! And yes you guessed it, he said, “Que milagro Rosa..!! Es tan bueno verte.!” And yes, it was good to see him too. I sat in the gazebo with him for almost an hour just catching up on the latest news. My timing once again could not have been more perfect.! He was leaving that day for Mexico City with his family to baptize his daughter.!!

co-workers courtesy of R.C.

co-workers courtesy of R.C.

After our chitchat, I went to human resources which was one of the main purposes of my trip. Due to my father’s illness, I had left in such a hurry. I had not had time to return my uniforms and take care of my paperwork. So I stopped at the office and returned my skirts, my blouses, and my scarves. I also signed off on my contract that I was officially leaving the position. Funny enough, the human resources director asked me if I was interested in having my old job back.!! Wow, was I interested.! But I couldn’t take it. At least not right now. I thanked her and politely declined. But I also took her business card and told her when I returned I would look her up. Hey, you never know.?! This winter, I may decide to escape.!!

me and my co-workers

me and my co-workers

Afterwards, I stopped at Gazebo 6 to visit with A. and M. I got two more “Que milagros.!” And just as with Gabriel at security and J., they initally thought I was a huespede or guest.!! jaja.. I spent some time reminiscing with them as well – trading stories about who was gone, who was still there, and who had gotten promoted. Besides, hearing ‘que milagro’ everywhere I went, my friends made me laugh with other commentaries. Being seen as a guest or tourist for one made me crack up. I worked really hard to be a local.! Being told by one friend that “I was really white.!”, really put me in stitches. My light brown perpetual tan was almost gone now that I was living in the Windy City.!!! How sad 😦

courtesy of tripadvisor.com

courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Finished with my visits and errands at Royale, I said my goodbyes and left. I caught the bus back into Playa because I had dinner plans with M. and P. I went to my room and quickly changed. I met P. near the tequila store and we had one or two more free shots. Then we met up with M. at Mom’s Restaurant and Bar. Mom’s is the restaurant expats go to when they cannot eat anymore Mexican food.! They have meatloaf, pork chops, burgers, etc. The night I went, I had the ribs.! Yummy.! Of course at dinner, both M. and P. grilled me about when I was returning. As I have obligations in the states to deal with, I told them as soon as I satisfactorily took care of those issues, I would return. M. wants to meet me in Texas and then we would drive down together. As I said, all is still up in the air. But one can dream 🙂

amanecer - dawn

amanecer – dawn

As dinner and conversations came to a close, I wished both M. and P. a good night. I stopped at C.’s house for one quick last minute goodbye convo and to see her crowns. Then I took one final stroll down Quinta and went to my hotel room to pack and get some sleep. In the morning, I said my final goodbyes at Starbucks and took a taxi to the airport. As I mentioned in my first blog post about my return trip, it had rained three weeks straight prior to my arrival. And during my entire visit, there was not one drop of rain. As I rode to the airport, the heavens opened up and unleashed a downpour. And I cried too as I said “hasta luego mi playita.”

Tecate take 31

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Feliz sábado..!!  Happy Saturday.!!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend whether they are laid out with a good book, hanging out with friends, or dancing the night away..!!!   I, myself, am going to try and squeeze in all three before the weekend is out.!  This week  has been a very overwhelming one for me.  But, it was definitely a good one 🙂

For starters, I wrote my 100th blog.!!  When I started in March of this year, I never thought that would have been possible.  And yet, here I am.  Secondly, I was nominated by a fellow blogger for the Liebster award.!  How awesome is that.?!  I am very much enjoying being part of this wonderful blogging world 🙂  And some time this week, I will send out messages to the bloggers I in turn nominated for the award.  Just spreading the love..!!  This week also brought me to the culmination of a project I have been working on – it’s nice to know that it will be over soon.

In order to kickstart this weekend into officialdom, I offer this week’s Tecate commericial.  It’s called Tecate – por los que se mandan solos or Tecate – for those who are sent out by themselves.!  It’s a very silly premise – welcome to Tecate.  In the commercial, a single guy comes home.  No parents, no wife, no kids and he’s wondering why he came home so early when his friends are still hanging out.  So his ‘mirror’ self has a debate with him and convinces him to go back out.!!  jajaja…  What can I say, sometimes it’s like that when you live alone.  You tend to talk to yourself.  A lot…  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.!!  Enjoy.!  Y Salud.!!!

cien más…

After I posted que milagro tres the other day, I realized I had posted my 100th blog.!! Who knew.?!?! Where has the time gone..?!  It seems like just yesterday when my friend M. was trying to convince me to write a blog.  And now, I am at 100.!  Well, technically 101 with this blog post.  The other day, M. told me that I should officially put professional blogger on all of my credentials because I have earned it.  Thanks M. 🙂  I just might..!! Now to get the next 100 in.!! hahaha…..

The other amazing revelation that I want to share is that I was nominated for the Liebster award by Loca Gringa at http://locagringa.wordpress.com/. How exciting..!! Loca Gringa is an expat Canadian who lives in the Dominican Republic. I heartily endorse everyone to check out her blog about living in DR..!!

Loca Gringa wrote – “i’m so thrilled I get to pass this on to you! Love your blog and want to see it grow, blossom, and flourish! Huggz Rose! I realize that it is a tremendous amount of work to accept this award and of course do understand if you do not have the time to do so! Jejeje, it’s taken me months to getting around to accepting this myself! Congratulations! Keep up the good work. I enjoy your work immensely! I am awarding you the Liebster Award for the quality of your work.”

Thank you so much..!! I have received so much love and support regarding my blog.!! I never ever thought that anyone would be interested in reading one iota of my sojourn in Mexico. I thank everyone who reads, follows, and/or likes my blog and blog posts. I thank all of my friends for their support. And I thank all my friends who let me write about them and our lives in Mexico and outside.! It is truly more than a one woman blog.! I could not have done it without my friends, my fellow bloggers, and Mexico 🙂 Now to accept the award…..

11 Random Facts about me:

1. I have tattoos..!  And I like tattoos on the men I date 🙂  I think they are sexy.!  Though they tend to get them after we break up.!

2. I love ladybugs. In fact, I want a tattoo of a ladybug because they remind me of my mom.!

3. I have a knack for spotting most FBI agents in the field.!  No really, I do.!

4. I used to want to be a race car driver.!  In fact, I still love to drive.  I always tell people I’m a driver not a wheel holder.

5. My family thinks I killed the family pet, Cujo the newt.!  But really, I don’t know what happened to him.

6. I am not good at following rules.  Hence the reason, I did not create new questions for the nominated bloggers.  Or nominate those with 200 or less followers.  Outside the box, baby.!

7. My friends channel me in bars when rude men are hitting on them.!  They always ask themselves, “What would Rose do?” And then they do what they think I would do.! hahaha….I’m not sure how I earned that reputation.!

8. I recorded an album when I was sixteen.!  Ok, so it was with my high school choir, but still, there is an album out there with my picture on the cover and my voice on the vinyl.!!  lol…

9. Speaking of bands, my dad used to own a hotel when I was growing up.  Really cool lesser known bands from all over the states (and the world) used to stay there.  I always made a point of collecting 45s and getting autographs.!!

10. I used to be a lifeguard.  So yeah, I could probably save your life if you were drowning.

11. I have ghost fingers.  My fingers are not recognizable on Iphones or other gadgets.  I need a stylus 🙂

Questions to be answered:

1. Who is the one person you most want to have an audience with? Dead … or alive?

I know I am supposed to pick one person.  But it’s a toss up between my brother and my mom.  I would love one last conversation.  I don’t really have a penchant to meet anyone famous.

2. If you could have a “do-over” what would you do over?

There is a relationship I would do over.  For sure.  And I might just be getting that chance 😉

3. If ______ now, finish the sentence …

If not now, then five minutes ago.!  I’m impatient.

4. Mountains or beach and why?

Beach.  I love the sand between my toes, the water, the air, the sky.!

5. What is your greatest personal asset?

Hmmmm…….I’m a warm caring person.  I’m funny too 🙂

6. What is your greatest personal liability?

Do you want the whole list or just the top 10.?  For starters, I’m impatient.  And I can overreact.

7. If money was no object, where would you like to live and how (lavishly or simply)?

If money was no object, I would live everywhere.!  I would want a beach house in Mexico, a home on one of the islands in Croatia, a high rise in downtown Chicago………..etc, etc….. but I would live simply.

8. Happiness is ____ finish the sentence…

Happiness is knowing and accepting yourself.

9. What is your favourite past-time?

Napping.  No seriously, I love to sleep.

10. Where do you find your inspiration?

From my life.  From my friends.  From my family.

11. If you had to do without one of these, which would it be, deodorant … or toothpaste?

I could live without deodorant.!  I could bathe.  But I neeeeeeeed  toothpaste.!

I am supposed to make a whole new list.  But as I am always running late accepting awards, I ask my fellow nominees to please just answer the questions supplied by Loca Gringa.!

Nominated blogs in no particular order:

1. http://survivinginitaly.com/

2. http://thesavvysenorita.wordpress.com/

3. http://traveltipsandpictures.wordpress.com/

4. http://danimclean.wordpress.com/

5. http://feetfromshore.wordpress.com/

6. http://mysardinianlife.com/

7. http://osvaldopace.wordpress.com/

8. http://distantdrumlin.wordpress.com/

9. http://andrawatkins.com/

10. http://bilinguish.com/

11. http://ilargia64.wordpress.com/

And now for the nominees, it’s all up to you now to keep the love going, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.
2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
5. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or fewer followers to nominate and include links to their blogs.
6. Go to each bloggers’ page and let them know you have nominated them.

Congratulations to everyone.!!  And thanks again Loca Gringa 😉

que milagro tres..!!

My friend K.

My friend K.

After my wonderful trip to Cozumel, I was ready to see more friends and complete the rest of my errands. The next morning after my delicious coffee at Starbucks Playa Tides, I went to see my good friend K.!! What can I tell you about K. except that she is funny, crazy, and amazing.!! Actually, she reminds me a little bit of myself 🙂 We spent many a night causing some type of ruckus when I lived in Playa.!! K. knows almost everyone in Playa del Carmen.! So if you need something, she is your girl. Moreover, she is the quintessential flirt, but only loves one man – my friend A.!

my friend K. with her daughter

my friend K. with her daughter

The first day I saw her, we must have laughed, gossiped, and talked for hours.!! My voice was almost gone the next day.! We had so much catching up to do – who was dating who, who was working where.!! Mucho chisme.!!! We spent hours together.! Finally, at 3pm, we went to pick up her oldest daughter, N., from school. N. had no idea I was visiting. By the way, N. loves me and I love her.! The surprise on her face upon seeing me coupled with the running and screaming culminating in a huge hug was completely worth picking her up from school. She was attached to me for the rest of the day. She wouldn’t leave my side and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. After a full day spent talking, I finally called it a night. Strolling to my room, I had the biggest smile on my face. It was good to be back 🙂

Me and my friend A.

Me and my friend A.

The next morning I decided that after several days of visiting and running errands, I needed time to catch up on my writing. And I knew just the spot.! My friend A., K.’s husband, works at Wicky’s. Wicky’s is an American themed restaurant which is nice if you are hankering for some good food that reminds you of home. But it’s claim to fame is it’s beachfront location.! Plus, it is one of the few restaurants with air conditioning in Playa. And for me, my friend A. works there.! So it was a complete win-win. I was able to sit and write in the restaurant for hours with wi-fi, an outlet, air conditioning, a gorgeous view, good food, and talk to A.!! Pretty perfect.!

My friend C. and me at Tok's

My friend C. and me at Tok’s

After finishing my writing and catching up on some correspondence, I bid Wicky’s and A. “hasta luego“. It was time to see C. again. We met at Tok’s restaurant in the mall at Plaza las Americas. Tok’s is a family dining restaurant similar to Denny’s or IHOP in the states.! We started out with some great coffee – what can I say I love coffee.!! As usual, C. and I talked about many philosophical ideas – she is very interested in Kaballah. In fact, she was very happy because I had brought her some red string from the Kaballah Center in Chicago.

sopa de tortilla or tortilla soup

sopa de tortilla or tortilla soup

When the waitress came back around, I was going to go with the pie. However, in the interim, I had noticed the tortilla soup.! What can I say, not only am I weak for great soup. But I love any type of food you can build on your own! I am sure there are people who would suggest that it’s the control freak in me who wants to control exactly the amount of this ingredient and that ingredient. However, I would like to think that it is my creative side just expressing its ability to be unique. As in, no two tortilla soups are exactly identical because I like cream and extra cheese while you prefer extra peppers.!!

the ingredients for a great soup

the ingredients for a great soup

While we were enjoying our soups, C. also showed me photos and newspaper clippings from her recent contest. In August, there had been a beauty pageant for the Abuelita y Abuelito Quintana Roo 2013 or Grandmother and Grandfather of Quintana Roo 2013. C. entered the contest, as she is a grandmother. C. is my friend who is the former dancer so she is still in exquisite shape and is a timeless beauty. Needless to say, C. won the contest.!! She was thrilled to pieces.!! As was her entire family in Quintana Roo and Mexico City and of course her friends.!! I even got to see her crowns when I stopped by her house the next day.!! Wow.!! I have never known a beauty pageant winner before 🙂

My friend C. after she won the contest

My friend C. after she won the contest

Afterwards, I wished C. a good night and a goodbye. I had only one more day and night left in Playa. There were still several errands I needed to finish. And some more goodbyes I needed to make. I didn’t want to make promises I couldn’t keep so we said our goodbyes at the taxi stand. She got into a taxi taking her to the suburbs of Playa and I took one into centro. As I had been doing almost every night once I got to my hotel room, I looked up at the nighttime sky.! Where are all these stars in Chicago I wondered aloud.?! Bittersweet feelings washed over me as I contemplated how wonderful my trip had been so far and how fast it was coming to an end. Que milagro cuatro to follow…

Tecate take 30

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Happy weekend everyone.!! Feliz el fin de semana todos.!! I hope I am catching everyone in good spirits during this middle of the weekend blog post shout-out. I hope your weekend has been and will continue to be full of festivities and/or relaxation. And of course, filled with family, friends, and camraderie.!!

I had a lovely evening last night celebrating my father’s birthday with my brother and sister.! We had a great dinner, some wine, and a nice stroll down memory lane. Of course, my mom and my other brother came up in conversation as we laughed over some beautiful and some funny memories.! We talked about how my father dropped off my brothers’ for their first day of kindergarten. He thought all was well, until one of my brother’s just picked up and ran away from class. To this day, we still have no idea why, except he always had an excessive amount of energy and did not like to be tied down to anything.!!

We also reminisced about how our mother secretly let us keep pets from my dad.! Like the time we kept a kitten in the garage.! We weren’t allowed to have cats or dogs growing up, but my dad was always bringing home wild rabbits and turtles for us to keep as pets.!! I have no earthly explanation for that either.! And apparently beyond the fact they were cool and wild and my dad caught them himself rather than going to a pet store – he has no earthly explanation either.!! hahahaha… I also got lambasted once again for apparently losing/killing the family newt, Cujo, when everyone but me went on vacation one summer.! To this day, I still swear I did not lose or kill him. I have no idea what happened to him.! hahaha…no really…I don’t.!

All in all, it was a lovely evening celebrating my dad’s birthday and remembering my mother and my brother on Dia de los Muertos. Interestingly enough, I have spent a lot of time recently connecting with friends from my past. I believe I mentioned that in another blog post. I find it interesting because it happens to come at a major transition in my life. I am struggling to discover my new path. And as so many recent events and friendships have come to a close, so many new ones are opening up and some much older ones are re-opening up. Life is a mystery I am always trying to understand.

But I will leave the philosophy to the masters. Today, I will regale you with a Tecate oldie. It is a Tecate commerical from the 1980s. Unfortunately, it does not have the witty humour of the recent Tecate commercials. However, I enjoyed it because it highlights the freedom and naiveness of that time period. Plus, the haircuts and the fashion are to die for.!! jaja 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.! Don’t forget the past. But enjoy the present. Y Salud..!!