I’ll drink to that…..

courtesy of today.time4hemp.com

courtesy of today.time4hemp.com

Today at work, one of my co-workers mentioned that they were stalking my facebook page.! I laughed nervously as I tried to recall if I had any compromising photos of myself on display.! Unable to remember, I crossed my fingers and waited. Then she exclaimed, “And I saw all these photos of you in Mexico with micheladas.!!” jajaja… Guilty as charged 🙂 And a little relieved that there was no other incriminating photos.!

Today is also the 80th anniversary of the end of Prohibition. The 21st Amendment ended America’s grand experiment in moral uprightness in 1933. The noble desire to end crime and drunkenness actually led to more illegal behavior with the surge in speakeasys and bootlegging. Anyone remember Al Capone.?? Apparently at the end of Prohibiton, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed, “What America needs now is a drink.” I couldn’t agree with him more.!

courtesy of cocktailsdrinkrecipes.com

courtesy of cocktailsdrinkrecipes.com

So in honor of my co-worker’s facebook stalking and the end of Prohibition, I think it’s time to talk about the Caesar.! I have always been a fan of Bloody Mary’s – vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, and a delish celery stalk.! But in Playa del Carmen, I learned to love Caesars.!! Clamato juice, instead of tomato juice, is the key differentiating ingredient in a Caesar. The Caesar also has vodka, salt, pepper, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce plus a celery stalk. It is much richer and spicier than a Bloody Mary.!!

Technically, Caesars are native to Canada. And usually outside of Canada and maybe Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, most bartenders won’t have a clue when you order one. Or typically have the necessary clamato juice on hand. However, you will find no such problem in Playa del Carmen which has a huge concentration of Canadian expats and Canadian tourists in the area. Therefore, it is a pretty common libation in the Riviera Maya. Therefore, I encourage, no I urge, everyone to raise a glass to Prohibition’s demise. Just make sure to keep your photos PG while you’re doing it 🙂 Salud.!

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