Tecate take one

Dear Readers – It has been a topsy turvy week and weekend for me.! I think I may actually need a drink to start off the new week rather than celebrate the weekend that just passed.!! hahaha…. On that note, I have decided to visit my first Tecate blog post.!! Not only is it the first Tecate blog post, but it is the first Tecate commerical I ever saw.!! It also may be my favorite 🙂 It’s called Tecate Recámara or Tecate Bedroom. I hope your weekend was amazing and your week is productive.! Enjoy.!! Y Salud.!!


Tecate is a small city in Baja California, Mexico. However, it is best known for Tecate beer. Tecate beer is one of the most popular beers in Mexico. It is typically drunk pouring lime and salt on top of the can. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the beach, a game or a party 🙂

However, it is also known for it’s vastly entertaining commercials. I leave you with one today and more to follow in the future. This one is called Tecate Recámara or Tecate Bedroom. Enjoy….and salud..!!

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