Look. Look! is it a bird? is it a plane? omg – it’s just the sky!

Dear Readers – due to the Christmas holiday and all of its festivities, I have been super busy.!! Plus the fact that the snow and cold makes me crave warmth and beaches – I offer up another one of my early blog posts.! Please enjoy the photos – the sky is so magnificent in playa.!! Enjoy.! See you tomorrow for Tecate night 😉


I miss many things about Mexico.  The people, food, micheladas, the beach and the weather!  Oh the weather…  But one of the things that I miss the most is the sky!  I have never seen a more beautiful sky than the sky in Playa del Carmen!

It’s a crystal blue like I have never experienced before.  And the clouds!  Everywhere!  Huge, puffy, nebulous!  So close that sometimes I would try to reach out and touch them.  But of course I never could…

The tropical storm season in Playa lasts from May to December.  But the rainy season lasts through January.  It is this constant flux of rain that brings the clouds rolling in and then rolling out again toward Cozumel.  You can get lost for long periods of time watching the clouds roll through.  You can actually see them moving across the sky – the winds blow them that quickly.

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