Tecate take 37

frozen chicago courtesy of .com

frozen chicago courtesy of distractify.com

I’ts been snowing in Chicago for the last few days. Almost non-stop. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, there were winds blowing the snow around. Yes, it did look pretty the first day, but the very next day it just looked slushy and dirty. And it was difficult to drive in as cars went sliding or careening off the road or into each other. No me gusta.!

And then if all of that snow wasn’t bad enough, last night a deep freeze set in. Apparently, for a 36 hour period Chicago will be at temperatures hovering around 30 to 40 degrees below zero.!! Enserio.?! Yes, I am very serious. Schools are closed. The airport has cancelled flights. The zoo, some museums, and restaurants and movie theatres have closed shop for the day. But not Starbucks, in case you’re wondering, you can still get your caffiene fix.!! 🙂

It’s days like the last few that I long for Playa – it’s warmth, it’s beach, hell yes, even it’s rain. Because at least I’m not freezing my tushy off.! It’s been so cold I can’t even think about having a beer or celebrating. Hence, the reason my Tecate commercial is so very late. But, in the spirit of a hopeful warmup by Wednesday and a warm welcome from Mexico, I offer today’s Tecate commercial – Bienvenida a Casa or the Tecate Commerical – Welcome Home.! Enjoy.!! Stay warm.! Y salud.!!

2 thoughts on “Tecate take 37

  1. Stay warm and be safe, Rose. I know so many people now in the area of this severe cold snap, and I worry about all of you. I know Chicago is used to this sort of thing, but still…….

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