Tecate take 39

courtesy of keepcalmstudio.com

courtesy of keepcalmstudio.com

Happy end of the week.!! Feliz final de la semana.! Happy weekend.!! Feliz fin de semana.!! And happy beginning of a new week.!! Y feliz comienzo de una nueva semana.!! I have to say this last week has been a little taxing for many reasons. But mostly, I have not been feeling well; therefore, my condition has affected the whole week and weekend. And never has a girl been so excited to see a new week as this blog writing girl.!! And really she needs a drink too 🙂

Sometimes in life you need a do-over. A second chance. Sometimes in life, you need several do-overs or several chances. You just need to tweak one more aspect, one more element, to reach your destination…your ultimate goal. In this week’s Tecate commercial, our Tecate hombre obviously left his family a long time ago on the pretense of a morning run. At some point, he must have decided he had made the wrong decision. So he just jogged his way back into his old life. To all of us who need do-overs; second, third and yes, sometimes even fourth chances – this week’s Tecate is for you. It’s called Tecate Light Carrera Larga or Tecate Light Long Run. May all your Tecate wishes come true.! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

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