Tecate take 43

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

Dear fellow readers and bloggers – moving is bleep…bleep…hard.! I apologize for my tardiness in posting my Tecate blog. But I haven’t even had time to think about having a beer with all the moving.! Thank goodness I had some great friends to help me with the move.!

Tonight I want to revisit one of my favorite Tecate commercials. It’s called Tecate Novia or Tecate Bride. The plot goes something like this – When they were young, Jorge promised to marry this girl Valeria when they got older. Since then they both have changed and grown…up. Valeria finds Jorge in a bar and reminds him of his promise to marry her. He tells her that was so long ago and they were young. Valeria begins to cry…and the rest is Tecate history..!! Let’s drink to all the men who keep their promises.! Enjoy. Y salud 🙂

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