“’ To Flush or Not to Flush’, that is the Question!”… Bathroom etiquette in Mexico!

I am still packing, unpacking, moving and cleaning.! It’s never ending this moving thing.! In the meantime, I would like to reblog a post from Mexico: Live it, Love it. It’s a conundrum I felt many times over while living in Playa del Carmen. Enjoy.!!!

México: Live it, Love it


Traveling in México, well shoot, even at Mexican restaurants, bars, discos in the United States you will notice thetrash can!  Toilet paper is NOT flushed because of clogging drains, filtering water, and the lack of modern sewage systems.

You see, in Mexico, in most places you don’t flush toilet paper; it must be neatly thrown away in the trash can in the stall.  At first, I was repulsed by the notion, but after living in Morelia, Michoacán for some time, I came back to the states and the first week or so my hand after well, wiping naturally reached over to throw the t.p. in the can.  It took some time to break the habit, a bit of reverse culture shock.

You might also notice that some toilets don’t have seats.  It is not because they have broken, but rather because in Mexico, toilets and toilet seats are sold…

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