Tecate take 44

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

courtesy of tecate.com.mx

It’s the end of the weekend.!! And it’s the beginning of a new week.! And I for one am very grateful.! Moving and cleaning this week has been extremely exhausting. I think even my eyelashes hurt.!! jajaja… This week is also exciting because I start a brand new job.! One I have been waiting for several months 🙂 So I raise a Tecate to all my friends who helped me move and helped me during my job search.! Thank you.! Thank you.! Here’s to an amazing ride.!!

To celebrate, this week’s Tecate commercial is called Tecate Vestido or Tecate Dress. It’s hilarious..!! A woman comes out of the bedroom with a dress on and asks her man “does she look fat in it?” He replies that she does look a little fat or un poco gordita. The woman begins to cry all through their evening together while the man spends the rest of the night consoling her. Or does he??? Enjoy.!! Y salud..!!

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