Tecate take 46

courtesy of ebay.com

courtesy of ebay.com

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.!! I saved Tecate especially for today because it is the official holiday and my unpacking has finally reached an end.! How delightful.! I need a celebratory beer now more than ever. And what better day than today in Chicago where everyone is Irish for the day 🙂 A city where we dye our river green to commemorate this awesome holiday.!

Green Chicago River

Green Chicago River

Strangely enough, the Irish also have an impressive history with Mexico. The Mexican-American War of 1846-48 was fought due to the U.S. annexation of Texas which Mexico strongly disputed (see wikipedia.com). A group of immigrants and expatriates (mainly of Irish, German, French, Italian, and other European nationalities) defected from the American side during the war.

courtesy of lavozcolorado.com

courtesy of lavozcolorado.com

There are several theories as to why the men deserted, but the main one posits their shared cultural and religious heritage with Mexico. The Mexican army/government also offered them citizenship, land grants, and more money. The deserters formed the St. Patrick’s Battalion or El Batallón de San Patricio and fought with the Mexican Army against the U.S. Even today, they are honored as heroes in Mexico on September 12th and March 17th.!

courtesy of yucatan-holidays.com

courtesy of yucatan-holidays.com

Today’s Tecate commercial honors St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish in Chicago, and the Irish in Mexico. It is called “¿quien dijo que los hombres?” or “Who said that men?” I thought it was a good commercial for today because it’s all about celebrations which St. Patrick’s day is about here in Chicago. However, the commercial goes a step further by asking the age old questions about men – Who said that men don’t have feelings? Who said that men don’t sing? Who said that men don’t dance? And finally, who said that men don’t love and do great feats for love? Apparently, not Tecate men.!! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

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    • Oh that is too bad.! But not to worry, they do it every year. Plus, in the meantime, there are so many other cool events and happenings to keep you occupied and entertained.! Bienvenido a Chicago 😉

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    Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.!! And all over the world where the Irish diaspora reside, there were celebrations.! Here in Chicago and yes even in Mexico.! Please enjoy a little history about the Irish-Mexico connection and a Tecate commercial.!!!

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