o rico.!!

Dear readers and fellow bloggers.! I am having one of those weeks where I don’t know whether I am coming or going.! Please accept this reblog from a few months ago. I promise to have something fresh for you tomorrow plus the new commerical entre for the weekend.!! See you tomorrow 🙂


courtesy of twitter.com courtesy of twitter.com

Since my return from Mexico, I have been a bit wistful. I want to share my visit with you.! But…. I am still processing my feelings from the trip. The visit was great.! However, I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I don’t live in Playa del Carmen anymore. I live in Chicago. And living in Chicago has been further validated because I started my new job this week. A real full-fledged job which has also taken up a quite a bit of my time.

It’s funny though, after only three days of work, my team already knows that I lived in Mexico. And they have already surmised that I would rather be there then here. Apparently, I do not have a poker face whatsoever.!! hahaha… On a side note, I stopped by my former hotel in the Riviera Maya. And was overjoyed…

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