I ain’t missing you…

my view while blogging

my view while blogging

“See I can lie to myself these days
I ain’t missing you at all
Doing fine baby, every thing’s okay
‘Cause I ain’t missing you
I ain’t missing you”

John Waite – Missing You Lyrics

Well of course we know that’s not true. Clearly, I miss playa.! And my friends. But I can lie to myself that I don’t. So here goes…

me and J.A.

me and J.A.

I don’t miss you J.A. or all the fun times we had together. Why would I want to remember all the pranks you pulled on me? All the jokes you told..?? All the drinks we shared…especially all those banderas..?? All the holidays we spent together – birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter..?? Oh yes, and especially July 4th..!!?? Ok, I’m lying. I do miss you. You are one of the funniest guys I know. And generous. And good looking too.! Don’t tell C.H. I said that last part…hahaha.!

me and C.H.

me and C.H.

And as for you C.H., nope I don’t miss you either. Why would I miss one of the funniest, quirkiest girls I know.? Someone who was such a good friend to me.? Didn’t you help me dye my hair once.? haha.. How could I not miss your wonderful warm, funny, and amazing personality. You are one of the most unique and honest and direct people I know. You and J.A. were like a family to me in playa. Oh and your lovely dog too.!! You were always the one who wanted to sneak away for a Starbucks or gelato when the others couldn’t stop talking shop.! Heart you forever amiga mia.!

My friend C. and me at Tok's

My friend C. and me at Tok’s

Hmmmm….C., I can’t even lie and tell you I don’t miss you. Like I told you in a message, we were bonded as friends so quickly because we were like soldiers stuck together in trench warfare.! jajaja… We survived because of each other.! I miss your cooking…que rico.! I miss talking to you while eating sherbert ice cream and melon.! What a brilliant mind.! What a sense of humour.! What grace.! You are an exceptional woman amiga.! Te extraño.!

P. and me at Starbucks

P. and me at Starbucks

Oh P., wow did we have some fun together the last time I saw you.!!! When I first met you it was all about work, but I liked your company instantly. But this last time.! Wow.!! What a wicked sense of humour.!! Drinking tequila together, roaming the streets of playa, and ducking and dodging my enemies.!! jajaja… A girl could not have asked for a better wing girl.! Gracias amiga querida.!! I miss you a lot too…. Te echo de menos...

my friend K. and me

my friend K. and me

K. what would I have done without you.!! And oh my what trouble I got into with you.!!! jajaja… Playa was a dangerous place when you and I hit the town.! But beyond all of that fun… Thank you for making me part of your family. To this day, you list me as your sister on facebook.! Gracias nena.!! You had me over for Christmas when I had nowhere to go. Your mother, your sister, your daughters all took me in as one of their own. Sin palabras. And of course, there was all the trouble we got into which shall remain un secreto entre nosotros. Te extraño mucho

my friend O. with C.H.

my friend O. with C.H.

Carnal (brother), I miss you too.!! O., you reminded me that there were nice guys in the world. How can I ever repay you for that.? All those talks. All those walks. All those tacos and cervezas.!! I was very happy to see you get those fantastic job opportunities even though they took you away from playa. And even more sorry that I left before you returned. And now once again, you will leave playa before I come for a visit. But time is an illusion…and friendships last the passage of time. Entonces, cuidado y suerte carnalito.!

playa 5th avenue

playa 5th avenue courtesy of buyplaya.com

And playa, you know I miss you. I won’t even begin to tell that mentira.! Geesh, I have a blog solely dedicated to you so I can remember my time there.! Sorta pathetic, huh.? But you were where I grew up. You were where I healed. You were where I lost myself…and found myself again. I am a better person because of you Playa del Carmen.! You will always be home. Muchismas gracias

2 thoughts on “I ain’t missing you…

  1. Hi Rose. We are going to stop off in Playa at the end of the month on our way back to the frozen north. I will think of you while I am there and have drink or two in your honour! Cheers, Leslie

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