oh rubber ducky…

courtesy of dobhran.com

courtesy of dobhran.com

Rubber Ducky
Your the one
You make bath time
Lots of fun!
Rubber Ducky
I’m awfully fond of you! (bobobodeo)”

– by Sesame Street (as sung by Ernie)

I just took a bubble bath and it was divine.! I know, too much information right.? But in all seriousness, bubble baths were one of life’s pleasures that I missed while living in Mexico. There is something so wonderful and calming and relaxing about a bath filled with bubbles.! Add candles and a glass of bubbly (which I did not this time.!) and it becomes downright decadent.

courtesy of momamusings.com

courtesy of momamusings.com

For some reason, there are very few bathtubs in Playa del Carmen. Most apartments only come with a shower, a very nice shower, but still only a shower. Some of the newer homes have bathtubs. But even most hotel rooms only come with a shower. In some hotels, you can upgrade to a room with a tub, but not always. During my ruminations on the lack of bathtubs, some theories I have toyed with include lots of new construction or construction cost, or bathroom size or even the weather. It gets really hot in playa so much so that sometimes you have to take 2-3 showers a day to stay fresh.! It doesn’t make sense to take that many baths, I guess.

courtesy of thorntonconstruction.net

courtesy of thorntonconstruction.net

But I believe there’s a time and place for a shower and bathtub. And I guess I kinda felt deprived of that choice while living in Mexico. During my almost three years there, the only time I took a bubble bath was when I visited in the states.! Now that’s a long time between bubble baths for a girl who really enjoys them. Plus it’s really hard to bring your rubber ducky into the shower with you ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “oh rubber ducky…

  1. I find it interesting that different counties approach things like bathrooms in so many different ways. I learned today that in Japan they tear down and rebuild their houses about every 30 years. They don’t understand why somebody like myself would enjoy living in, and restoring, a house built in 1908.

  2. Rubbert Ducky, joy of joy, when I squeeze you, you make a noise. Oh Rubber Ducky I am awfully fond of you-u-u-u.

    I too love a bath, unfortunately in Mersin its a double quandary as 1 – there are no baths and 2 – no bloody hot water!!!!

    I miss my rubber ducky ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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