hanging in your hands…

courtesy of fanpop.com

courtesy of fanpop.com

Besides the warm weather, lately I have also been missing a different kind of warmth. There is something about Mexico that exudes romance. I don’t know if it’s the Latin culture. I don’t know if it’s the heat…or the sea…or the spicy food. But I find it missing here in Chicago, even just walking around downtown. I think everyone is too cold to feel romantic.

And what is it about romantic Spanish love songs.? Everyone is dying for love. Dying to be touched. Dying to be enthralled. Even dancing seems so much more sexy in Mexico. Ahhh….to be in love like that…..deep sigh…

I leave you today with one of my favorite love songs complete with video and English translation.! The dance scene at the end of the video is super sexy.!!! Enjoy.!! And don’t forget to love….

Colgando En Tus Manos or Hanging in Your Hands

“Maybe it was no coincidence for us to meet
Maybe this was destiny.
I want to fall asleep in your chest again
and then be awaken by your kisses.

Your sixth sense still dreams of me,
I know that we will be together soon.
Your naughty smile lives with me,
I know I will soon be in your way.

You know that I am hanging in your hands
so do not let me fall
You know I am hanging in your hands.

I sent you hand written poems
I sent you songs by 4:40
I send you pictures of us dining in Marbella
and of our trip to Venezuela.
So that you remember me and remember that my heart is hanging in your hands.
Be careful, careful, I will not lose hope of being with you.

I want to taste all the forbidden in you
I want to catch the dusk kissing all of your tenderness
My girl, my life, I need you.”

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