blinded by the light…

my former alabaster self

my former alabaster self prior to playa

I have been living in a cocoon. Snuggled under many layers of garments and hidden deep inside my shelter. It was warm there. It was safe there. The six months of below normal temperatures and freezing cold scared me.!! And scarred me.!

But the other day, the sun came out. And it stayed out. Bringing warmth and much needed freedom from my self-imposed captivity. I smiled.! I put on a dress and some cute pumps.! No tights.! I beamed.! I stepped outside sans coat, hat, gloves, and mini blanket.! No seriously.! Ok…I did put them in my bag just in case mother nature was playing a cruel trick on me. But I digress…

translucent me at Christmas this year

translucent me at Christmas this year

The air smelled like spring 🙂 I tentatively picked up the pace and embraced the day by donning sunglasses to keep the sun’s rays at bay. As I sat down on the train and made myself comfortable for the ride into work, I removed my sunglasses. Dear god.!!! I quickly put my sunglasses back on.!

I was blinded by the light.!! By what light, do you ask dear reader.?? Why the frickin’ light from my pasty white legs.!! After almost half a year of being hidden for fear of frostbite and mind numbing cold, my legs were white.!! After a year of not living in Mexico and enjoying the sun on a daily basis, my skin was alabaster.!! The fact that I was wearing a black/white dress and black pumps only seemed to make the anomaly that much more visible.!

all tan in playa

all tan in playa

But what was I going to do.? Get off the train.? Refuse to go to work.? Put on my tights and sweat through the warm weather.!?! Heck no.! I just sucked it up and pretended I didn’t notice. I reminded myself that I use to be a cool Goth chick and being translucent used to be a way of life for me.!

More importantly, I wondered what am I going to do about these 15 pounds I’ve gained from this horrible winter.!? Yup, you guessed it.! Me and my ghostly legs are going for a good walk immediately.!

me tan in playa for Christmas last year

me tan in playa for Christmas last year

4 thoughts on “blinded by the light…

  1. Rose,
    Glad to hear it is warming up back there. We’re back to normal temperatures for this time of year…high 60’s to just over 70. 🙂 Alabaster is way more healthy. I just had a spot carved out of my ear lobe, which now looks pierced, that was thought to be nothing. Result: pre-cancerous. I can blame my Irish roots and countless hours fishing with no sun screen. I’ll jump off my soap box now.

    • Hello Patrick.!

      Thanks for keeping it real 🙂 I do know the dangers of sun worshipping. I just sometimes wish I was a little more hued.!! haha…

      I’m glad to hear that you are at normal temperatures also. It makes it so much nicer to take walks and hang outside. Enjoy.!


  2. I know how you feel. I went looking for fake tan the other day – fake tan in Turkey! I know what you are thinking and you are right. They had NO idea what I was talking about.

    • haha…your comment made my day 🙂 Yes, it does not surprise me there is no fake tan in Turkey. Unfortunately, you will have to do it the old fashioned way.! Or a spray tan perhaps.? Good luck.!

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