let it whip…

courtesy of bodas.com.mx

courtesy of bodas.com.mx

In Spanish, an apron is referred to as a delantal. That’s what I learned in class, that’s the word my English-Spanish translation dictionary used, not to mention Google translate.!! So I was very surprised the first time I heard the word mandil in Mexico.! All of the men that I knew who worked in restaurants, either in the hotels or on Quinta Avenida, referred to their work apron as a mandil.!

When you look up the word mandil, it translates to a coarse apron or a leather apron. I’m not sure exactly why the men I knew referred to it as a mandil rather than a delantal. But I would hazard a guess, it has something to do with the feminine idea of a delantal. Whereas, the mandil sounds more masculine. jajaja

So why are we talking about aprons my dear readers.? Well earlier today, I found out that it is El Dia Internacional del Mandilón. Or the International Day of the Whipped Husband.! huh.?! There’s really a day for that.? And why.?

courtesy of

courtesy of desmotivaciones.es

Strangely enough, the word mandil can also be used to emasculate men. According to urbandictionary.com and many friends of mine – a mandilón is considered a de-masculated male or just plain whipped.! In fact, anytime one of my male friends in Mexico got married, inevitably the first time he decided to not come out for beers the ribbing would begin – puto.! mandilón.! Even my American friends who married Mexican women rarely left the house when their wife was around.

Only my American male friends with American girlfriends ventured out without their significant others in Mexico. I don’t know if it’s related to a trust issue or a cultural issue. Though in the U.S., we also have a similar expression to describe an emasculated man or a clingy child. We say “that person is tied to someone’s apron strings”. In other words, they are dependent on or dominated by someone, especially a mother or a wife.

Personally, I have never understood women who have wanted to dominate the men in their lives. I want the man in my life to be masculine.! Otherwise, I would have taken a different route.! I don’t need my man to go shopping with me. That’s why I have girlfriends. And as for taking away or restricting their freedom – why would I want to do that.?! I don’t want my freedom taken away or restricted.! So please excuse me if the only whipped thing I want is whipped cream. And forgive me if I don’t celebrate El Dia Internacional del Mandilón today. I’m holding out for a hero 😉

2 thoughts on “let it whip…

  1. Rose,
    After reading your post this morning, I went out and worked in my garden. Devo’s song “Whip It” kept playing in my head. When I started to mow the lawn, the mower finally replaced the song stuck in my head.

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