you say lemon, I say limón…

Hello everyone.!! Please forgive me for my absence last week, my life got in the way of my writing.!! Please accept this post from last August. And I will have a fresh one for you tomorrow 🙂


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During my early days in Mexico, I spent my time feverishly hunting down lemons. Don’t get me wrong, I love limes..!! They are great in key lime pie, on my tacos and in cervezas..!! But every once in a while, I would want a lemon. Sometimes, I wanted to make Greek lemon potatoes or lemon chicken or even lemonade. So I would meander down to Wal-Mart, or the Mega grocery store or even the fruit and vegetable market, DAC. I would wander around the store aimlessly and without success seeking lemons. Finally, I would locate a store employee for assitance.

A typical exchange with one of the store employees would frequently go like this –

MePerdone, ¿dónde están los limones? Where are the lemons?
SESon cerca de las naranjas. They are near the oranges.
MeOk, gracias. Ok, thank you.


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