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Feliz Día del Padre.!! Happy Father’s Day.!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating with their dad.!! I know I did 🙂 As always where my dad is concerned, meat was part of the celebration.!! When I was younger, I used to think my dad was the most interesting man in the world. Then, of course, I became a teenager and believed him to be the killjoy for all the fun I wanted in life. lol.. But as I have grown up, I have gone back to my initial thinking. I believe my father is one of the most interesting men in the world. He has definitely led a colorful and eventful life.!

My mom, my rebel dad and me

My mom, my rebel dad and me

Recently, Canadian Club ran a litany of ads talking about “your dad”. The ads featured awesome blurbs about your dad such as “Your dad was not a metrosexual”, “Your dad never tweezed anything”, and “Your dad has stories you’ll never hear.” Basically, the ads talked about how your dad was probably more cool and interesting than you know. Funny enough, my dad drinks Canadian Club.!! And I would swear the ad lines were modeled on his life.!!

courtesy of

courtesy of

Or on the life of Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World. This week, The Most Interesting Man is up to his usual adventures. I love the fact that “sharks have a week dedicated to him.” jajajaja…..too funny.!! So to all the interesting dads in your life – enjoy.!! Y salud.!!

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