surprising loyalties…

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I am always surprised when I meet a person who is loyal to another country, team, or ideal than the status quo. For example, in Chicago you would expect to find Chicago Bears fans, Blackhawks fans, and Cubs fans. But when someone is a fan of the Seattle Seahawks or the Cleveland Browns, you might be intrigued, but not surprised. And usually you will discover they have some predilection towards that particular town because they lived there or grew up within its confines.

However, there are some loyalties that do surprise you. That is until you look deeper. For example, I have a former coworker who worships Holland. Upon much questioning, you realize she lived there for several years. Or maybe you know a certain Croatian-American girl with an affinity for Mexico. Upon some research on her blog, you discover she lived in Mexico. But what makes a man from Brazil who has never lived in Croatia, love the Croatian national soccer team. In this case, it’s all about loving the underdog… Watch the video, it’s amazing 🙂

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