divided loyalties…

courtesy of wallwidehd.com

courtesy of wallwidehd.com

Rose Boras
Facebook post
April 15, 2012

Croatian by design.
U.S. citizen by birth.
Mexican resident by choice.

The bad thing about having surpising loyalties, is that sometimes it can cause divided loyalties. My birthday was on Monday and I had a marvelous time of it. But I have to say the two hours Croatia played Mexico during the World Cup, I bit off my fingernails and fingers.!! Plus everyone kept asking me who I was rooting for because apparently it wasn’t clear to anyone. While, I am Croatian by ethnicity, I have strong ties to Mexico.

Luka Modric and Hector Herrera courtesy of zimbio.com

Luka Modric of Croatia and Hector Herrera of Mexico courtesy of zimbio.com

However, I decided the moment that I heard Croatia was playing Mexico on my birthday, I would root for Croatia.! Even though one of my friends accused me offline of really rooting for Mexico.! jajaja… But in all seriousness, it was a tough game to watch. I love both countries.! Regardless of who won or lost, I would feel elated for one and heartbroken for the other. But such is life right.? Bittersweet at all times. And that’s exactly what happened when Mexico won. I was happy for Mexico and all of my Mexican friends. But truly sad for all my Croatian family and friends. It had been nice to watch Croatia on a world stage albeit for only a short time.!

 Danijel Pranjic of Croatia controls the ball as Paul Aguilar of Mexico gives chase courtes of zimbio.com

Danijel Pranjic of Croatia controls the ball as Paul Aguilar of Mexico gives chase courtes of zimbio.com

I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to the next time my heartstrings are pulled in such a fashion. And that was only a soccer game. I can only imagine the discord in one’s psyche when you have parents from two differing places or people caught up in ethnic strife. I hope the next time my loyalties are tested and divided, it’s because I can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla ice cream.!! No manches.!!

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