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courtesy of nysm.nysed.gov

courtesy of nysm.nysed.gov

Sometimes, “Words are very unnecessary…” – Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)

So sit back and enjoy the fotos

beach playa

beach playa june 2014

clouds playa

clouds playa june 2014

sunset playa

sunset playa june 2014

you say lemon, I say limón…

Hello everyone.!! Please forgive me for my absence last week, my life got in the way of my writing.!! Please accept this post from last August. And I will have a fresh one for you tomorrow 🙂


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During my early days in Mexico, I spent my time feverishly hunting down lemons. Don’t get me wrong, I love limes..!! They are great in key lime pie, on my tacos and in cervezas..!! But every once in a while, I would want a lemon. Sometimes, I wanted to make Greek lemon potatoes or lemon chicken or even lemonade. So I would meander down to Wal-Mart, or the Mega grocery store or even the fruit and vegetable market, DAC. I would wander around the store aimlessly and without success seeking lemons. Finally, I would locate a store employee for assitance.

A typical exchange with one of the store employees would frequently go like this –

MePerdone, ¿dónde están los limones? Where are the lemons?
SESon cerca de las naranjas. They are near the oranges.
MeOk, gracias. Ok, thank you.


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