Dos Equis trece

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Hello everyone.!! I hope you’re July 4th weekend or el cuarto was phenomenal.!! Mine, unfortunately was so-so. While I did have a lovely three day weekend from work, I was unable to relax at all. I had to deal with an emergency and it took up most of my weekend. Unfortunately, the turbulence has also slipped into this week and caused me to be late blogging. Oh well…hoping next weekend will be better.

In the meantime, I offer you (finally.!) last weekend’s Dos Equis commercial.!! And what has the Most Interesting Man in the World been up to.?? Well apparently, he has such a magnetic personality that he is unable to carry credit cards.!! jajaja… And his enemies even list him as an emergency contact number.!! lol… Enjoy your week..!! Y salud.!!

4 thoughts on “Dos Equis trece

  1. Hi Rose, I love your Blog! My sig other and I are leaving in April for a year of searching out our international home. We live in Arizona now. Starting out in Playa Del Carmen, were I have traveled before. We have a Bichon Frize Dog and plan to stay in short rentals and med range hotels as we search the Yucatan area. Our biggest question is where we can take Tyler, the dog. He is a service dog and can fly into Mexico, but what about Tico restaurants? Buses? Taxis? What about attractions like Tulum, etc? We will not have a car and need a means of traveling with the dog. Also, any other recommendations on where to settle (not terribly hot in the summer, but close to a beach? Thank you and I will keep reading about your adventures.

    • Hi Cathi…

      Thank you.! I’m so glad to hear you love my blog 🙂 And how exciting to hear that you are searching out an international home.!! Playa del Carmen is awesome.! Close to the beach, great food, near a lot of sites and attractions, but just low key enough. I didn’t have a dog when I lived in playa, but many of my friends do. In fact one of my friends brought her shih tzu with her from the states. I’ve never seen a dog on a bus, but I know they have taken the dog in a taxi and she always was welcome in all the outdoor seting areas in restaurants. I’m not sure about attractions like Tulum, I would have to check with her. Playa is a nice place to live and it’s close to the beach. It does get really hot in the summer especially August and September, but the beach is right next door.! Have fun and good luck with your adventure.!! Cuidate…

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