Paper, Stamps and Seals: The Mexican Obsession with Paperwork

At lunch today with my boss and a fellow co-worker, we were wondering how the work we do was completed prior to computers.?! Our boss who has been with the company for almost twenty years described cutting, and pasting, and wow.! We shook our heads disbelievingly. The crazy part of the story is that sort of stuff still happens in Mexico. Don’t get me wrong, Mexico is part of the 21st century with computer and cell phone use. But some things like mobile apps, paying bills online, and check deposits via your phone are completely out there. Some transactions are still done the old-fashioned way – in person and with paper.!! I thought Mexico: Live it, Love it does a fine post explaining this love affair or obsession.! Enjoy.!!

México: Live it, Love it

Although we live in a digital age, paper consumption is still at very high levels. This is evident for any person who lives in Mexico, where there seems to be an obsession, even love affair, with paper. Any kind of paper and paper products. Oh- and we cannot forget stamps and seals to go with paper. Of course, just like any society, Mexico publishes multitudes of newspapers, advertising brochures, government booklets, etc.  However, Mexico is on overload when it comes to paper and sometimes stamps/seals. Here are some observations regarding paper and paperwork in Mexico.

*A fideicomiso, or land trust held by a bank, can be up to 20 or more pages. Every single page has a notary seal and signature.

*Many notary offices still utilize huge books to handwrite entries for real estate transactions. These volumes of books are kept in the office “libraries”.

*Bank receipts, even for a simple…

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