no mames wey…

Hello lovely readers.!! I wanted to share this post from last September with all of you again. Besides the fact that it involves learning new swear words.! It includes a story about one of my best friends in playa – you know the scuba dive instructor 🙂 Enjoy.! See you tomorrow for a fresh post.!!


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**warning – swear word alert**

Why is it that swear words are usually the first words one learns in a foreign language.? Ok, so maybe you do learn how to say “how are you”, “where’s the bathroom”, etc. But really, the first words you learn are the bad words.! The ones that make genteel people shake their heads in disbelief. No need to elaborate here on the English ones, we all know those words. I am talking about Spanish swear words because even I was not immune to this learning curve when I moved to Mexico.

Prior to my relocation, I had taken a brief Spanish class on how to count, the days of the week, and certain pleasantries. However, those were all cast aside upon my arrival because all my friends (and my novio) thought it was funny to teach me swear words. I’m not…

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