Dos Equis diecisiete

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courtesy of

Feliz lunes a todos.!! Happy Monday everyone.!! I hope everyone had a glorious weekend.!! I spent most of my weekend sleeping as I have been feeling under the weather unfortunately. This summer has been a little too cold. I believe the combination of cool days and air conditioning on warm days is playing havoc with me.! Hopefully, I will feel better soon 🙂 I did, however; spend a lot of quality time chatting it up with some of my besties.! I really would be lost without them.!

Especially, right now when major changes are happening in my life at such a rapid pace. I need sounding boards and voices of reason. But at the same time, right now I really need some quiet time and a comfy bed.! It’s funny how much I fantasize about sleep – pretty much every waking moment. This week’s Dos Equis’ commercial has the World’s Most Interesting Man pontificating on life.!! Not sure, I agree with his take on it, but I guess that’s why I’m not the world’s most interesting woman. jaja.. Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

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