Dos Equis diecinueve

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courtesy of

Feliz lunes..!! Happy Monday..!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 🙂 We had a pretty horrible winter in Chicago this year. And the summer has unfortunately been pretty cold with fall type weather. However, the last few days have alternated between thunderstorms and super hot and muggy. It’s enough to make a girl run away to playa.!! Especially after seeing one of her good friends in Mexico post a bunch of photos having fun around town.!! Thanks C..!! No really, I mean it.! jajaja

And of course, then there was the latest report that this coming winter is going to be pretty cold too. Geesh.! The fun never ends.! As for my weekend, it was a blur. Though I did catch up with old friends on the phone 🙂 And there was a chocolate birthday cake for dessert for a new friend. So not too shabby. Maybe when I’m feeling better, I will try and paint the town red while avoiding really bad pick-up lines.! jajaja.. In this week’s Dos Equis’ commericial, the Most Interesting Man in the World gives us his opinion on pick-up lines. I think I would have to agree with him.!! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

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